Friday, January 30, 2009

Operation Dog Eat No Poo

Operation Dog Eat No Poo is upon us! We're sick and tired of smelling nasty, disgusting, make you want to hurl puppy breath after Dexter is left outside for too long.

What's the plan of attack?
My hubby thankfully purchased a Coprophagia detering pill from Petco this past week. For a couple days now we have been feeding Dexter 5 pills a day, which he gobbles without any complaints. (We do not believe Dexter knows how to chew anything, just how to consume and swallow).

The goal of these pills is to make the poo smell distastefully to our 9-10 month old puppy. Therefore, with the poo smelling distastefully, the hope is that Dexter will no longer want to munch on the nastiness in our yard. I still do not comprehend how poo does not already smell back on it's own, but I'm not a dog, right?

We'll keep you posted how Operation Dog Eat No Poo goes along the way. I'm hoping for big results... this HAS TO END at some point! Yuck! He's too cute and cuddly and sweet to have such a disgusting habit.


Kelly said...

I know there are lots of similarities between having a pet and having a child. I am thankful this is not one of them. At least not with our particular child.

Mrs. McGoo said...

AMEN! That would be beyond disgusting! :)

Blessed said...

so, you have a whole post on dog poo... amazing. so, how'd the "operation" go, anyway?

Mrs. McGoo said...

So far so good... no poop eating since we've begun the pills.