Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thirsty Much?

Okay, so I'm a drinker. I swear I drink more than I eat. For every bite I take of food, I probably take three sips of a drink. Yum. I love my beverages.

But today, my desk is getting pretty ridiculous with the plethora of drinks I have sitting here. See below:

Fed Ex coffee mug was from this morning - apple cider, yum. Coffee cup behind it was Gatorade on ice. The water bottle was just that, water. The black canister was more Powerade brought from home. And the two cokes are from Mom & Dad's - one for lunch that I finished here, and one to day for the road.

I have problems.


Anonymous said...

WOW! is there non alcoholics who drink too much random liquid club you could join?

Kelly said...

Interesting. I have the opposite problem: I can make a can of Coke last all day. It's probably better to be over-hydrated than under.

BMS said...

I am the same-I think it helps control your hunger if you drink a lot! That's why I love Sonic--big old drinks with lots of ice and foam cups! Makes it stay cold longer!

Mrs. McGoo said...

Yummm... You're speaking my language BMS... SONIC!!!! Raspberry Sweet Tea and/or Cherry Limeade are my FAVORITES!!! YUMMMM.... can't wait for warmer weather to enjoy those again. It's good in the cold, but not as good in the Spring or Summer.