Monday, January 12, 2009

Survival: Day 1

Survival is the keyword about today. I survived our first day of 6am workouts.

I choose the word survival because it means the state of surviving, or staying alive. Yes. I can attest to the fact that I am alive, ha! me writing this post is evidence to that, but I cannot claim more than being alive at the moment.

The alarm rang early this morning, VERY EARLY at 5:30am! I did not sleep soundly last night because I knew what was to come this morning. And even more than the dread and nervousness of what was to come at 6am, I had more anxiety about sleeping through my alarm and missing the event we had committed ourselves to. So there I was at 5:30am, opening my eyes to see the annoying bright light coming off my cell phone and hearing the obnoxious and loud tune that rang from its speaker. It was time to get up.

We pushed snooze once, just because I could, and laid there awake, but nestled inside the warm covers trying to find the strength to bust out into the cool air and "get this party started". The day had begun.

I'm so thankful my hubby is doing the same 6am workouts, because the motivation to get out of bed, while he laid sound of sleep would not have come... it was great to have both of us moving at 530am. The dogs were even stretching out, yawning, and confused - "Why are you guys awake?! The sun is not even hinting about coming out!"

But we made it... out the door by 10 till, and by 6am we were in the "gym" ready for impending doom!

So, as mentioned before I survived day one, but I barely survived. We did 25 minutes worth of cardio on the treadmill. That about killed me. We did an interval run, with incline, without incline, slower pace, faster pace... by the second half of the course I was pushing the speed button down, rather than staying on track with the settings. In all, I traveled 1.94 miles and felt every bit of it. I have a long way to go. Post cardio, we went to the free weights. 7 exercises, 2 sets of 10 reps. Where did my muscles go? I felt every bit of that too! And finally to wrap us up a bit after 7am, we finished with a 5 minute ab workout. 5 minutes, you say? Doesn't sound bad, huh? Uhhh.... ouch... 5 minutes straight, changing the type of ab workout every 25 seconds. I could feel the burn with a quickness.

But I survived, right? One day down, many more to go. I'm glad we've begun, sometimes that can be the hardest part. We can do this. Hubby & I together!

The guy above looks like me this morning and probably many mornings to come... maybe one day I'll look like this lady to the left - calm, excited, and fit with her weight in hand. Only time, perseverance, and lots of sweat will tell.


Erin Marie said...

umm.. I want to look like that girl on the left too!! ;)

Kelly said...

Are you also planning on getting breast implants? Just wondering :)

Mrs. McGoo said...

Kelly L - touche!

Point taken. ha ha ha ha. Cracking me up!!!!

Kel said...

I was going to think that looks like you...minus the hooters.