Monday, March 30, 2009

Spoiled, but Am I Rotten?

My mom emailed me this morning and told me to run by her house during lunch, she had something for me there! I was beyond pumped to see what was waiting for me! A new, awesome, bag lady type Fossil purse. I'm in love!

I'm spoiled, that's for sure... but I can only hope that I'm not rotten.

Thanks Mom! I love it! Can't wait to change out of my current purse to this one tonight!

Posts to Come...

I have many updated posts to come: lots of things happened this weekend with the Redemption 2009 event, and all the rumors about UK coach to be... I just haven't gotten around to getting them written.

Part of the delay is due too this: I attempted to make my own (better than what has been seen before) background and worked hard on that Saturday night, only to figure out it wasn't big enough to cover the entire screen... and the quick fix that was suggested to me did not work. So, here is the freebie background I uploaded from someone else...

Plus I had hoped to get some blog posts going on Sunday but that crazy sinus headache stuff came back into play... bringing us home after Sunday School to eat lunch and put me back to bed. The 3.5 hour nap assisted, but did not relieve... thankfully my hubby went out and got me some drugs to alleviate the pounding and piercing nature of my head... it worked and after another good night of sleep last night today I am much better! I have a feeling the minimal hours of sleep I had throughout last week probably added to the headache and ickyness. I'm just thankful I'm back to being me... and will be posting again soon.

Friday, March 27, 2009

AI Elimination Bracket Standings - 3

The votes are in... and another American Idol contestant is saying goodbye to the big stage. Last night, our roughneck from TX, Michael was told his AI journey has come to an end. I can't say that I was surprised that Michael has gone out of the competition at this point. Although I like him, personality wise, I agree with Simon when he said Wednesday night that Michael was participating in the competition rather than competing.

After watching Wednesday night's performances last night, I have to comment on Adam's performance. Wow! This guy, although I can admit that he's super talented, he got on my nerves in earlier week performances. Come on, the guys screams and screeches too much for my taste - even if he's artistically sound! But Wednesday night, Motown night - Wow... Adam Lambert was awesome!!! I was totally entertained and into his new throw back, non black nail polish appearance and his amazing performance of "Tracks of My Tears". Good stuff.

Needless to say, the standings for our American Idol Elimination Bracket have started to gain some momentum - each time the point system goes up and the weeks continue. We have a for sure front runner at present: Nicole T is in the lead. However, quite a few participants are following close by... only a 7 point spread from first to last.

Updated Standings:
  • Nicole T - 35 points
  • Mr. McGoo - 34 points
  • Ashley C - 33 points
  • Kelly L - 32 points
  • Laura R - 31 points
  • Steve R - 30 points
  • Candace B -30 points
  • Erin Marie - 29 points
  • Katy B - 28 points

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dexter says thanks

This email was too good not to share... my hubby wrote it - of course . Robin & Brent's fur baby shares Dexter's birthday because they are brother & sister... twins really, I guess, since they are from the same litter.

Uncle Brent and Aunt Robin,

Dexter wanted me to tell you that you made him very happy by sending him a birthday card and treats. He would have written the email himself, but he doesn't have thumbs and he's working off the $.75 it cost him for postage to allow the letter to be delivered. Since he doesn't have a job, pockets, nor got any birthday money, I'm having him pull up the floor in the back room.

He did tell me that while he doesn't get excited about things, it did make him wag his tail. He also said get your postage right for year number two because he's on a fixed income.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

God's Little Extras

A coworker today blessed me with this little happy this morning. These gorgeous things came out of her front yard this morning! BEAUTIFUL! Definitely some of God's little extras! I'm loving the vibrant colors sitting next to me.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Yard Sale, Crawfish Boil, and BBQ Cookout

I love crawfish. And to be honest, even after plate fulls and plate fulls and plate fulls of the stuff on Saturday, I could go for some more tonight. Mmmm, MMMmmmm... GOOD!

Our buddy, Jeff hosted a fabulous Crawfish Boil Saturday afternoon and my hubby and his brother took care of all the cooking. Delicious!

From a Yard Sale early Sat am, to the Crawfish Boil Saturday afternoon and night, to church, Systematic Theology and Sunday School BBQ Cookout on Sunday... the McGoo's were busy this weekend!

Minus my 530am wake up call on Saturday morning to get ready for the yard sale (hubby still in bed), the weekend was great! Lots of food, lots of fun, and lots of fellowship. Too bad we couldn't have slowed down all those activities and put them into three distinct separate weekends... that might have helped with the tiredness, but nevertheless it was great!

Kelly cooking and spicing up some of the mud bugs above for all the guests.

Friday, March 20, 2009


- June 6, 2009 -
- Coldplay Concert in Nashville, TN -

Tickets have been ordered! I've never seen them before, but my hubby has and says it will totally be worth the funds spent and the drive to Nashville. As iconic as this band is becoming, I have no doubt they will put on a fabulous show! Three months or so from now I'll update you on the happenings of the show. Hope to be able to take lots of pictures from the floor level seats! Whoo Hoo!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

AI Elimination Bracket Standings - 2

Another week, a new genre for them to compete within the realms of, and ladies and gentlemen, as Ryan Seacrest says, "we've got ourselves a competition".

Grand Ole Opry night on Tuesday brought about a shift of attention as Matt put on a rock star performance and Anoop came out of nowhere and sang beautifully. What's up with all this?

After missing some of the performances due to a DVR mishap, I found a blog that I'm beginning to enjoy a bit as I skimmed over it this morning. It not only allowed me to listen to all the performances that I missed, but also gave me a recap of the events that unfolded. Check it out: Confessions of an 'Idol' addict. Especially those AI Elimination Bracket competitors that don't have a TV or do not watch the show, maybe hearing one or two of the folks sing will give you a better idea what's going on. ha ha.

But regardless of people's speculation or desire, America voted after Tuesday's Grand Ole Opry performances and Alexis Grace went home last night!

What the heck?! This did not make sense to me! Obviously she was the lowest number of votes from Tuesday night, but surely there were worse singers than her that evening or singers with less potential across the board. For instance, in my opinion Michael, although I like him, could have and should have gone home. I think he'll continue to struggle to compete against the big guns of this show - the Danny's, Lil's, Matt's, Kris', etc. But even Anoop is gearing up for touring in the AI summer tour, but Alexis missed the spot. I thought for a moment last night that they would save her, but no such luck.

Alexis is out and this shakes up our AI Elimination Bracket contestants quite a bit. We had 3 people having her go to the Top 3, as well as everyone else putting her anywhere from the Top 10 to the Top 4. Craziness.

Updated Standings:
  • Ashley C - 19 points
  • Nicole T - 19 points
  • Steve R - 18 points
  • Mr. McGoo - 18 points
  • Candace B -18 points
  • Kelly L - 18 points
  • Laura R - 17 points
  • Erin Marie - 17 points
  • Katy B - 16 points
We'll see what happens next week - I hear the theme will be Motown!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Lord Provides

One of the main things my hubby and I learned or were reminded throughout 2008 was that the Lord provides!!! Our journey throughout 2008 was definitely a testimony to that fact. The last few months of 2009 I have been calling on that promise on more than one occasion... praising God for His constant provision, and for his abundant blessings.

What happened to us yesterday was a beautiful depiction and reminder that my God provides for us! Sometimes there are moments in life when you just remember the Lord's promises and what the Bible teaches you about Him, other times you see and get to experience such things in a way that makes you FEEL the presence of God in your life.

The latter was what happened yesterday.

First let me preface the story... my hubby and I are on a budget. We sat out Valentine's Day to save enough funds to allow us to treat one another for our 2nd wedding anniversary. I planned a trip to Gatlinburg for Kelly and I as a gift to my man, and Kelly surprised me with Ryan Adam's concert tickets for tomorrow night. The trip was GREAT, and I'm pumped about Ryan Adam's tomorrow!

We took a certain amount of funds on our trip to Gatlinburg, and went a bit over what we had expected to spend. Therefore, with the overspending involved with our vacation and a few odds and ends we did not budget for this month... I found myself hashing over the numbers yesterday afternoon to figure out how we were going to make it to the end of March without taking money out of our savings. As I hashed over those numbers, I wrote my second tithe check of the month. As I wrote out that check, I spoke to the Lord and thanked Him for his many blessings and His constant provision. I professed that although I was not sure how we would make it through the month without spending some savings, I knew this money was His and not my own and my first priority was to give to Him through my tithe.

Later that afternoon, once the check had already been put into the mail, I again found myself trying to figure out how we'd make some addition cuts to keep from going into our savings this month... and then I got home from work. There in our pile of mail laid four anniversary cards from some of our dear friends and family. With a smile on my face, I began to open the envelopes and dive into the sweet wishes and words of family. And within two of those cards I found a monetary gift made out to Kelly and me. Generous gifts of love for my husband and I were poured out to us, and I immediately broke into joyful and humble tears. THANK YOU LORD! You provided beyond what we could have imagined. This amount will get us through the rest of the month without having to dip into savings!!!

I began to pray out loud, a prayer of thanksgiving. Thank you! What a sweet reminder from our God that He's there... He calls on us to be a good steward with our funds, and while we do that He's going to take care of the essentials and beyond. We may not always live in a way that the world considers luxury, but we will not want... our God takes care of the flowers and birds, wouldn't He also take care of us?! (Matt. 6:25-34)

Lord, thank you for your precious reminder. Thank you for using our family to bless us abundantly. All the glory to you!

St. Patty's Day - - - 2nd ANNIVERSARY!

I can't believe it... TWO YEARS ago today, I married my best friend. March 17, 2007 - I became Mrs. John Kelly McGugan.

In honor of God blessing us with two years of marital bliss, I have posted a few pics from our wedding. I made it easy on my man... hard to forget our anniversary date - St. Patty's Day! We ran with the theme a bit during our reception. Leprechaun figurine next to our favors which were "pots of gold". That was a great day! The best! It's fun to look back at photos from the event.

Happy St. Patty's Day everybody! And honey, here is to MANY MANY more years together!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gatlinburg to Home

It's hard to believe that our little anniversary trip is already complete. This morning the alarm rang out for the first time since Thursday morning when we set it to tell us it was time to journey from Nashville to Gatlinburg. Unlike Thursday morning, on this morning the alarm was not a welcomed sound. Hearing the noise this morning not only woke us both from a beautiful sleep, but also brought recognition that it was time to go back home and again experience a new week of work, school, soccer, housework, and more. It was time to get up, pack up, and get going.

As we made our way out of the cabin that had been our home for three days, the clock read 930am (ET). Thankfully, We made a side trip onto a parkway that not only took us to I-40, but also gave us three or four chances to view the mountain in the morning air. With a light sprinkle coming down, we stopped and took in the view... Magnificent. No wonder the Smoky Mountains are named such, as each morning the smoke rises from these hills and greets the morning air. Almost in a mystical sense, the mountains demand the attention of those around... saying, LOOK AT ME. God created this beauty. Wow.

As we continued to drive down the parkway, after our quick photo shoot, we drove past another lookout spot. There, I saw a man standing there drinking his morning coffee and taking in the view. How peaceful.

I wish We would have found this spot before it was time to go home... but I'm thankful that we were able to see it before we left. Thank you, Lord for the beauty you created in this world! It all brings the glory back to You! Kelly and I really enjoy traveling just for this reason - Not only do we get to see other places and see how other people live, we also get to see what Kelly's grandmother calls, "God's extras". The Smoky Mountains were that today, a glimpse into God's extras. We love being able to go around the world the Lord has created and admire the glory and beauty of it all. Each place we go, we get a greater sense and understanding of the beauties our God has created. Even in a simple place like Gatlinburg, TN, the Lord's grandness is put on display.

Our trip was great! A time filled with relaxation and time well spent with my mate and my best friend. We laughed. We napped. We watched the NCAA division 1 conference tournaments. We completed the full second season of Dexter. We cooked. We toured Gatlinburg a bit. But mostly we just enjoyed the time together. A time away from the stress of the day to day. No housework to nag me into completion, no dogs to cater to, no friends to take our attention away from one another, no work, no soccer gear to clean, just my hubby and me... together. I'm so glad we took the time to take this small adventure.

It's hard to believe that this week, March 17th will mark our 2nd wedding anniversary. The time is already flying, and I'm sure many will tell me it will only continue to go faster. I'm so thankful for the man God blessed me with! But I'll leave it with that... I'm sure I'll have more to say about that as our anniversary gets closer.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pancake Pantry - Gatlinburg Style

To my husband's delight, there is also a Pancake Pantry located in the heart of Gatlinburg, TN. We absolutely love the one located in Nashville, TN and frequent it probably every time we visit NashVegas, waiting in line for over 40 minutes each time and are never disappointed. Therefore with no avail, we made our way to visit the Pancake Pantry this morning.

I have to say, I wasn't quite as impressed with this PP here as I am with the Nashville location for a couple reasons:
  1. There was no line outside the door. What's up with? The Nashville location has a line OUTSIDE the door EVERY TIME we go, and we wait in that line because it's that good. Granted, to the Gatlinburg PP's defense - we went at 1130am, rather than the normal earlier times we go in NashVegas
  2. There was no substituting. Before we walked in the door, I knew what I wanted. My regular: 2 eggs (over easy or medium) with a side of pancakes. I substitute the regular three pancakes for TWO delicious, amazing Sugar & Spice pancakes. When I went to do that today, I was told they do not substitute. I either had to have just 5 Sugar & Spice cakes - which I would have totally wasted, I couldn't eat that much. Or I had to get the two eggs with three regular buttermilk cakes. I was not happy.

My hubby, however, was well pleased. He had a full stack (5 full pancakes) of his favorite BLUEBERRY CAKES.

Who has two thumbs and love Pancake Pantry's Blueberry Pancakes?


I also really liked the coffee at this PP location. The Nashville PP has nasty coffee - the Gatlinburg's PP had delicious coffee. MMMmmm, MMMmmmm. And the pancakes were still good - I enjoyed them... but they were not my special Sugar & Spice treat.

On another note:
While at the Pancake Pantry the hubby and I began a discussion about berries: What berry is most sweet and least tart and what berry is most tart and least sweet?

Let's have you weigh in on this discussion.
Strawberries, Raspberries, Cranberries, and Blueberries - which one is most tart, and which is least tart? Or in other words, which berry is most sweet, and which is least sweet? Rank according to whichever way you're approaching the discussion.

***Mr. McGoo asks that I also throw in BooBerry, Frankenberry, and Schnauzberry into the discussion - so rank those also as desired.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Roughing It

The long awaited extended weekend has come up on us... a Thursday through Sunday in Gatlinburg, TN with my man. I planned the trip, in secret, for our 2nd wedding anniversary (March 17th). Three nights in a secluded cabin in Gatlinburg right off a trout stream just for him and me.

Now that we're here and enjoying our time together, I am coming to grips with the fact that we are incapable of "roughing it" without technology. We love our blogs, whether it's my own or all the ones my hubby reads about sports, we love interacting with friends via email and facebook. It's quite hilarious how much we interact with that stuff. We brought our computer with us, but have been unable to find a WiFi connection that will work while we are in the cabin. Therefore, after a day full of college basketball yesterday, and some more today... we have decided we must experience some internet connection and made our way to Gatlinburg's one and only: Smoky's Pub & Grub to enjoy one another, college basketball, big screen tv's, and a WiFi connection.

So far it's been fabulous to be at this place. Kelly and I have both been very impressed with Smoky's Pub & Grub. The hospitality of this joint has been awesome. From setting us up in front of a big screen all on our own and giving Kelly the remote to do what he may, to the good food and drink specials, to the owner sitting and talking with us about how this pub came into being just as recently as July 2008... this place has been great.

My hubby over here has told me the same line probably three or four times already:
"Have I told you I like this place?"
From hearing the owner tell another table how an employee of his (a young high schooler) is going through his first day, and he likes to give the local high schoolers some place to work and a chance... to the rustic but warm atmosphere of the multiple rooms within the pub.... to the nice big screens- Samsung of course surrounding the rooms, to the great fireplace in the main room, to the friendly hospitable nature of all the employees, to the hysterical story of the waiter giving Kelly the remote to the big screen and saying,

"Here, I'm going to let you hold onto the family jewels"

to which Kelly quickly responded, "uhhh.... why don't we just call it the remote"

Yeah, we like this place. If you're ever in Gatlinburg, come visit Smoky's Pub & Grill, it'll be worth it. Try the potato skins, Mmm, Mmmm.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

AI Elimination Bracket Standings - 1

Well tonight the 2009 American Idol finalists quickly went from the TOP 13 group of yesterday to a TOP 11. In one quick two day cycle, America said goodbye to young'in Jasmine and Puerto Rican Jorge.

With two folks going home tonight that leaves our current American Idol Elimination Bracket standings as follows. We completely ignored TOP 12 grouping and began our count with the TOP 11 tally because two folks went home.

Current Standings:

  • Mr. McGoo - 10 points
  • Ashley C - 10 points
  • Nicole T - 10 points
  • Steve R - 10 points
  • Candace B - 10 points
  • Kelly L - 10 points
  • Laura R - 9 points
  • Katy B - 9 points
  • Erin Marie - 9 points
Everyone is neck & neck at present, but by glancing at how the brackets move forward and the points that are acquired more greatly as we go... this will get interesting.

Monday, March 9, 2009

American Idol Elimination Brackets

I know there are more than a few of us who watch the American Idol contest on a regular basis. At my work we do an American Idol Elimination Bracket to coincide with the NCAA brackets that also start up in the same month. It gives both none sports lovers and sports lovers all an even opportunity to win something.

So I made the elimination brackets for this season of Idol. Ignore the three lines under TOP 2. There should only be 2 lines, but I made the file into a pdf before I caught that and am being less perfectionist like than normal and letting it be.

Anyone want to play? The event begins tomorrow night - so I need brackets turned in by the beginning of the show tomorrow - 7pm Central.

To Play: Turn in brackets by 7pm Central, Tuesday March 10th.
Turn your answers in via email or by posting on the comments section. If you post in the comments section you can list the person that gets eliminated each week (label them: i.e. TOP 12 = Lil Rounds, TOP 11 = Danny, etc). The pdf file below is a "write who stays each week" bracket.

In other words: You will label in the comments section "Who will NOT make the TOP _?"
For example, there are 13 contestants, who will not make the TOP 12 (in other words who will be voted off first). Write TOP 12: _______.
Now you have 12 contestants. Who will not make the TOP 11 (in other words who will be voted off second). Write TOP 11: ________.
Therefore you will have 1 person not written at all on the list as you write it like above. That "missing person" will be the person you believe will make the TOP 2, but will not win the IDOL.
If you have questions, let me know. My hubby started to confuse folks in the comments section. Imagine that. ha ha.

Point System: Each week you will get points for each person you choose correctly to stay in the game. Therefore, if you get the right person out of the game from the start, the first week you can accumulate up to 12 points. If you get the wrong person, you'll only get 11 points. The point accumulation will continue throughout the entire competition.

Winner: Person with the most points at the end, WINS. If there is a tie in points, the person with the actual American Idol pick WINS. If there is still a tie, the person with the most fully correct weeks WINS. If there is still a tie, I'll pick a number from 1-50 and those who have tied will guess what number - closest to the number I choose WINS.

PRIZE: Winner gets bragging rights! If the WINNER is local, they get a FREE meal cooked by the McGugan's. If the WINNER is out of town, we'll send a small gift card of some sort.

American Idol 2009

Let the games begin. I look forward to seeing some of you play! I'll post weekly updates on how everyone sits in the standings.

PS. You don't ACTUALLY have to watch the show regularly to play - make a guess at it if you want, I don't mind... you may even do better because you won't over analyze it like the regular watchers will do.

Memphis Weather - argh!

I'm not sure about the other 672,000 plus people in Memphis, TN - but I'm totally over this weather. I wish Memphis would just figure out which type of weather it wants to run with and STAY THAT WAY!!! Even if it means the cold will stay for awhile, I'm willing to endure that if it means some sort of consistency with the weather around here.

It's crazy!!! I've totally enjoyed this weekend's worth of warmer temps, but when I stop and think about the fact that it SNOWED multiple inches (almost a foot in some places) just LAST WEEKEND, and now I'm in shorts and a t-shirt - it drives me bonkers. What's the deal?

Check out the following temperatures from Memphis, TN.
End of February to present day March 2009:

Isn't that absurd?

If you notice on the high's, from Feb. 27th to Feb. 28th there is a 29 degree jump!!! What is that?! No wonder people are getting sick left and right around this place. We drop like flies, and yesterday, I could have died from the sinus headache that consumed me throughout the entire day. I missed church because of it, and didn't find relief from it until I went to bed last night for good. I'm so thankful I didn't wake this morning with it's leering again.

I've heard the saying:
If you don't like the weather in Memphis, hang around a day or two and it'll change.
These days that could not be a more true statement.
Memphis weather = pure craziness
. Oh, by Friday we're supposed to back in the 40's, imagine that.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


My maiden name is Wilson.
I was born a Wilson and have always had a "you can't screw it up" kind of name: Heather Elizabeth Wilson.

But on March 17, 2007... that changed in a dramatic way. My life of a "simple, can't mess it up" name was no more. I married and became Heather Wilson McGugan.

At first, I didn't think twice about the name change. Sure it was strange for awhile to introduce myself as Heather McGugan. I had been Heather Wilson for 24 years... and now I had to break the habit. But I never thought the name was going to be complicated... BOY WAS I WRONG...

I quickly learned the McGugan apparently is not the most simple name to pronounce and have heard more random "attempts" at pronouncing our last name... scratch that, I've heard more people BUTCHER her our last name than is imaginable.

People add letters, subtract letters, totally make it up as they go... it's amazing. The other night, Kelly got a good one... he had to call our cable company to inquire about something and the lady on the other end totally butchered our name. I could tell, because Kelly made a corrective response that totally cracked me up.

Apparently the cable gal said,
okay, Mr. Meeekkk-geee-an?
To which Kelly responded
Uh... That's so not even close, let's go with McGUGAN
We cracked up about it together after fact. It's really interesting how people often get it totally wrong.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Six months ago I started a Bunko group. It's a group of ladies that I put together to join me for a monthly adventure into the game of Bunko, ultimately socializing together. We began in September 2008, and by now we're regularly known as the "Bunko Divas".

The past six months have been a trip. The ladies went from timid questionnaires about every move and every notion, to hilariously crazy hyperactive joksters last night. It has been great fun! We get lots of jibs and jabs from the men in our lives about it... but I believe that's because they are secretly jealous of our little "club" we have going on each month.

The Bunko Divas are composed of 11 ladies that have committed to participating every month. Our 12th person, who we need each month to keep our numbers right, is often a different addition each month. This has added some funny times to our mix. Sometimes it's a next door neighbor of the hostess that joins us, other times it's someone from the "sub list" that jumps on board. Either way, we always have 12 ladies ready to fight it out for a chance to yell BIG BUNKO!

And boy, have we ever... last night was a new record for the group - - - 19 BIG BUNKO's in one night. Craziness! The ladies were triple six rolling feigns last night!

What is Bunko? For those that are not aware, Bunko is a dice game. There are many versions of Bunko, and to each his/her own, but the way the Bunko Divas play, 6's matter. The goal is to roll a 6, two 6's, or even better three 6's. It's an individual game, where prizes for most points, lowest points, last big bunko of the night, and most big bunko's are won... but each gal has a partner for the night to follow. It's entertaining and somewhat mindless to allow girls to be girls and lots of chatting to be done.

In honor of completing 1/2 a year in the Bunko Divas circle, I want to share some of my favorite pictures throughout the times we've played. We do not always have a camera on hand, but when we do - we sure ham it up! Thanks ladies, YOU GUYS make it what it has become - GREAT FUN! I'm lovin it, hope you are too!

Bunko Night at Candace's Place, a cute group shot here where Lindsey's head looks like it's resting on Mer's shoulder. awww....

One of my favorites of Kelly and me. She blogs too... if you want click on her name to get a link to her blog called, Observations of the Ordinary.

Bunko Night at Laura's house... taking a quick photo in between the table movement of the night.

Our first Bunko Night... A group shot of some of the starter Bunko Divas.

Bunko Night at Meredith's... this was the "big hat" night. Mer had us wear a GIA-normous hat for our BIG BUNKO wear.

Here is a shot of Kristi sporting that GIA-normous cowboy hat at Meredith's bunko night. See... if you get a big bunko. Not only do you get to YELL big bunko, you sport the Big Bunko gear for the time being, until another divas steals it away when they get their own big bunko!

Lisa is sporting the scarf for that very reason. At my house one night when Kelly F hosted, the scarf was the big bunko attire.

More BIG BUNKO wear as Laura gives me one of the most hysterical pictures out of the bunch. ha ha! Love it.

And Candace screams BIG BUNKO with the best of them.

Last night at Lindsey's Bunko hostess night... not only did we eat some amazing treats, we sported the hot pink feather boa as the BIG BUNKO attire. The divas got into that!

Love it... everyone hamming it up. Good times! Looking forward to next month... BIG BUNKO!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Kodi Update

Tomorrow will mark a full week since Kodi returned home from his ACL surgery. It's been amazing the number of people that have asked about Kodi, truly concerned for his well being. Kelly and I have been blown away by that and so thankful for friends and family that truly care for our fur baby!

So with over a week's worth of recovery time, our Kodi Bear is doing great. We have him set up well in the office... or his "rehab room", with his own water bowl, food bowl, new bed, and even a little space heater for the cold evenings. He has to stay in this environment until we get him back to the vet for a check up. The doctor wanted us to keep him in close quarters for at least a 10 day period. So that means, away from Dexter, and away from us.

The hardest part about it all, so far, has been trying to make sure that Kodi does not feel totally left out. We can hear him whining at times when we're in the living room watching TV or talking together. Therefore to combat that, Kelly and I do our best to spend 15 minutes here, 30 minutes there alone with Kodi to love on him and remind him that he's still our first born.

So here are a few photos of our baby, and his rehab pad:

Below is a shot of Kodi's back left leg where the incision occurred for his ACL surgery.

Thanks again for all the sweet wishes so far, folks. Kodi loves all the loving. So feel free (for those in town) to come by and give Kodi some hugs and kisses along the way.