Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jodie Meeks - That Was Fun!!!

I don't know about you, but last night my eyes were glued to the Kentucky vs. Tennessee game. Of course, the plan for me was to watch the game - I did marry a huge KY fan... but once the game got underway, KY fan or not, there was no stopping this one. I was hooked.

Jodie Meeks, a junior guard on UK's team has always been "one of my guys"... one of the guys I like to watch and yearn to do well. I acknowledge his skill, and hope for him to do well so the entire UK team can walk out with a victory. Last night however, I screamed more than once, "that's my boy!" during the game.

Jodie Meeks single handily put up 54 points on UT. We're not talking about putting a lot of points up on a piss poor team, we're talking about putting 54 points up ON THE ROAD, against a team that is expected to do well in the national scene this year. Meeks pulverized UT... often making them look stupid. It's was super fun to watch!

Today, every sports writer in town and in the nation is writing about Meeks and Kentucky. You could say my hubby is a happy man today.

If you want to find out some info on all the Meeks accomplished last night, breaking records for UK and all... check out some of the suggested links:

ESPN: Pat Forde writes: Jodie Meeks puts on a show for the ages
Kentucky Sports Radio blog writes: GREATEST.... PERFORMANCE... EVER

In the supposed words of Patterson's facebook page status: “Jodie Meeks is like a Ferrari, Bobby Maze is like a Honda…. U do the math.”


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but let's not get too giddy. Remember that KU took out UT a couple weeks ago. I think the 2 wins by UK and KU may say more about the state of Tennessee basketball than anything else. At least the Titans are still alive. Football may be the new Tennessee sport. uFrank

Kel said...

Where did KU beat UT? At home if I recall.