Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Safely Back Into It's Place

I am NOT a jewelery kind of girl.

Ask anyone that knew me prior to getting engaged, I was NOT a jewelery kind of girl. I didn't wear much of it, I didn't EVER wear rings. You might see the occasional necklace on me, or even the less occasional bracelet, but jewelery just wasn't my thing. I had a favorite diamond cross necklace my parents gave me for graduation and have worn that around often ever since, but my collection is limited.

However, once my hubby slipped that unexpected extravagant rock on my finger the day he proposed, something within me changed. I'm not quite sure what it was... the engagement ring was so exciting in the beginning, but felt a bit odd on my finger, and then five or ten days into the engagement, BOOM... the ring became an extension of my finger. It WAS my finger, without it something was wrong! I even made a fuss (I couldn't believe it) about having to take it off for a 24 hour period in order to get the wedding band fitted to wear with it. What was that about?

And now, with over two years of engagement ring experience, and almost two years of wedding band and engagement ring experience, the problem has become worse... I cannot be without my ring! Sure, you have the occasional take the ring off for a kickball game, but that is for a couple hour period and then I'm back home to put that part of my "finger" on again.

My love for my wedding rings and need to have it on me at all times was recently put the test.

On Tuesday, December 30th, my hubby graciously offered to take my rings into our jewelry place to have them cleaned. He thought it would be nice to have them bright and pretty before ringing in the new year, and I gladly accepted his offer. While at the store, my hubby decided to go ahead and get my rings re-plated with white gold (this is something you have to do from time to time to keep the true gold color from showing too much). When I came home Tuesday night, expecting to get my rings back, Kelly informed me of the "change of plans". A little begrudgingly, I thanked my hubby for the sweet thought and looked forward to getting my ring back Wednesday evening right before our New Year's Eve outing.

Wednesday, as seen on a recent post, I became sick and went home early from work and paid my doctor a visit. After my doctor's visit, I climbed into bed and took a four hour nap - which totally helped me, by the way. I was awaken by my hubby, telling me I probably should get up and moving, especially if I was going to go to dinner as planned and have folks over afterwards to ring in the new year. Once I came to, my hubby went on to ask if I loved him, and would love him no matter what?

Then the news happened: Our jeweler had closed early that day, and Kelly did not make it to the store in time to pick up my rings.... I would be without them until Monday evening, January 5th!

Needless to say, it has been a rough week waiting on my rings. I even wore my college class ring on my ring finger throughout that period in order to feel less without. I'm a dork and have problems, yes...

But today, I can proudly say... my rings are safely back into their rightful place, on my finger! Thanks honey, they really do look beautiful. I guess it was worth the wait?!

To the right is a crappy picture of my rings, I took it with my phone today... but it doesn't show them well at all. I guess it's better than nothing. Maybe.


BMS said...

Ok, I was never a jewelry girl either until I got engaged, but then you feel totally naked without it. And now i wear a right-hand ring that Ryan got me for our anniversary too. Lately I have only been wearing my rings when I leave the house b/c I have loose stones all the time and I got lotion stuck in them and all that, so I know how you feel!

Kel said...

That picture looks horrible by the way.


The guy that spent a TON of money on them

Kelly said...

Wait til you get pregnant and can't fit the rings on your finger! It is weird to go without them for months, wondering if everyone thinks you're some prego high schooler... then when you finally get to wear them again, that feels weird too.

Mrs. McGoo said...

Kelly, Add that one to the "things to look forward to when you become prego", which continue to push me away from desiring a prego state. ha! Funny!

Elian said...

Sucks for my Kelly.


The guy that spent a TON of money on them