Sunday, January 11, 2009

Home Project Underway

Within my list of New Year Resolutions, I put a blurb about our house. The resolution read: To work on the house and make some of the dramatic changes we've talked about.

One reason this is such an important statement is that we live in an old house. A wonderful house, a house with LOTS of character, but an old house. Old houses, by definition, mean they need a lot of TLC. Rooms are square and lack openness, kitchens are smaller, windows have been painted over and over to the point that they do not open, etc.

We have created a huge "Honey Do" list with all of the changes we would like to make within our home. I say we, but it's mostly me, but my hubby is awesome enough to accept those desires and help me reach those desired goals. It's easy to become overwhelmed with the many things "to do", but we're learning and doing our best to take things ONE DAY AT A TIME. We will do projects as money, resources, and time allows.

Today, I am excited to say that one of our desired changes is being completed... the project started yesterday and I believe I should be able to post pictures later today, if they complete it as planned. We have two living rooms... the back living room had an old, ugly, brown AC unit protruding out of the wall. The quick fix for my husband, before we ever met, was to cover the AC unit with a curtain... and that is how it has sat ever since. Yesterday, however, a better solution began. With the help of a dear family friend and my dad, the AC unit has been removed and a window is being put into its place. Today, the men are framing the window.

I am so excited about the major change this project will bring to our back room. We have already removed all the furniture from the room, selling much of it to Kelly's brother and sister-in-law. Now, having this project completed will allow me to buy the primer paint (needed to cover dark blue walls) and begin to repaint the room! Our next desire is to change the nasty laminate black and white checkered flooring - oh the difference that will make! I'm pumped.

UPDATE (3:36pm): The main job is complete! However, there is still the nice trim to be created in the interior to complete the job in full. Dad and Kelly will work on that at a later date, but the exterior trim is complete and the window is fully in place with the necessary installation around it. Here are pictures of the BEFORE and the current AFTER. Thanks Bill, Dad, and Kelly!

Before (above).

Current After (above).

P.S. I have seriously slacked with my desired kitchen cabinet remodel! I have completed three full cabinet doors. If I'm going to continue with this project (I will not be defeated), I will probably have to start on the main body of the cabinets and get those done in a fully dedicated weekend. This whole, door by door thing is going too slow! Time to get out the day planner and pick a weekend!


Elian said...

I wish you two patience, time, and success. That's a serious amount of work.

Mrs. McGoo said...

Thanks E. I'm hoping for the same. I need to pray for diligence.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, I see. MUCH better. It looks great!
- Kelsey