Friday, January 23, 2009


After a long day at work on Thursday, I came home to the typical. My fur babies greeted me at the glass security door, bowing (or taking a good stretch, but they seriously look like they are bowing low for the Queen to pass them by... I'll have to try and catch this on photo somehow... hmmm) in front of me before I begin to unlock the door. Once I'm inside, it is a squabble over who mom is going to pet first, lots of tail wagging and dog barking, growling, or whining is involved at this point. They push each other out of the way trying to get as much mom action as possible... "chill guys, there is plenty of me to go around for the two of you!" So I come into the house, love on my fur babies, put down my purse and give my husband a kiss.

Once I completed the normal rounds, I quickly bolted to the bedroom to change out of my "business casual clothes" (not the norm for me) and into some pj's. I landed my toosh on the couch and snuggled in for a relaxing evening.

The plan... watch the first episode of this season's Lost. Catch up on American Idol from the night before. Make some pasta dinner. And chill. I was looking forward to it.

And then Kelly let's me know we have another errand to run... and he wants me to go with him. I don't know what came over me, but everything inside of me was like "nooooooooooo.... I want my toosh to stay where it is.... I want to sit, vegetate, ... don't make me!" I say all of this in jest, but really let my hubby know that I was going to drag out the "we're not leaving for awhile" as long as possible... and I did.

Note: This is a HUGE role reversal for us. Seriously, if you've been in our house when it's "time to go"... this is NOT the normal course of events, at least not in this order. I'm usually Miss Go Go Go, We've Got to Go, Let's Go, Time to Go... and Kelly is Mr. I Take My Time, Oh Wait I Gotta Pee, Hold On Let Me Read This One More Article, etc... but not tonight! I was giving my man a taste of his own medicine and was cracking up inside...

After some time of this comical banter, the Kellyism occurred... my hubby was up on his feet, shoes on, ready to leave, and asking me to join him for our errand running. I continued to play the "nooooo... I want my toosh to stay where it is.... I want to sit, vegetate,.... don't make me" card, and then it happened...

He said,
"You know, sometimes I just want to give you a HUGGGG!!!"
Now this might not sound much like a Kellyism, but you have to view the hand gesture he was giving me while saying these words, oh and his face was all scrunched up like he was frustrated with a little annoying 4 year old. While saying the above, I look up and my husband's hands are making a circular pattern like he is ringing someone's neck. This was the "HUG" he was desiring to give me...

In other words, in my hubby's world, "You know, sometimes I just want to give you a HUGGGG!!!" really translates to:
"You know, sometimes I just want to RING YOUR NECK!!!"

Hysterical. I absolutely cracked up, which made us crack up together. Hilarious. I even made him take a picture of the "hand gesture" and facial expression he was making when he said this to me. I'll post it below when I get it off the camera. He he.

You know... now my man know what I feel like sometimes. That's love.


Kel said...

It's just a love hug...that's all...


The Thompsons said...

Funny stuff!! I love reading your vomit!! =)