Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 4: Getting Sick!

Monday morning came early today... 5:30 am the alarm rang with the noise that tells us it is TIME to get up, and time to get ready for workout. But this morning, I was feeling differently than just tired. I felt nauseated this morning and found myself dry heaving into the bathroom sink to start the day... not a good sign.

But I persevered and got ready for the day. 6am we arrived into the gym, ready and willing to get our butts kicked for the fourth day. After our typical warm up and stretches, the workout began. We started with latter workouts. This time the latter was placed at the baseline standing vertical towards the next baseline, a second latter was placed in the same direction at the half court line. We ran two exercises on the latter, one each direction. First we did the shuttle, turning sideways, putting each foot in out out of the latter, through latter one, jog to the next, through latter two, and jog to the baseline and back. Now turn the opposite direction, same shuffle each foot in out and out through latter one, latter two, and jogging to the baseline and back. Now the second exercise, one foot in, second foot in, one foot out, second foot out, repeat through the latter. One to the second latter and jog down to the baseline and back. Repeat exercise again going the opposite direction. That was ONE. We did 4 sets of this.

Following a short break we started the BOX/SQUARE DRILL. I think that's what he called it. Four cones were spread apart to make a square. Each side of the square was about 12-15 feet apart. We did multiple sets through this box. They looked like this: sprint, shuffle, sprint, shuffle. Sprint all four sides. Sprint, back peddle, spring backpedal. Etc. Once we finished going through these, the nausea that had not left me picked up a notch. I had to bow out.

Once I was sitting on the gym floor, head lowered between my knees, the rest of the group, my hubby included, continued the box/square drill in a larger fashion. The cones were spread out to a larger width and the exercises continued with running the long diagonals. I had to sit the entire time. I was going to be sick!

Once these cardio exercises were complete we went to do our free weight exercises. Three sets around 5 exercises. We did 3 sets of 12 reps. I slowly pushed through this praying that I would not throw up on everyone. The last activity was 5minute abs, I passed on this and instead laid in the fetal position on the weight bench realizing it was going to be a LONG DAY!

Needless to say, once we got home the nausea again kicked into high gear! I was done for... I called in sick to work. Laid down on the couch at 730am, and I'm still sitting here. I have gotten up ONCE for a potty break. It has been a long, worthless, and sickly day for me. My hubby was amazing and took the day off to cater to me. He has brought me drinks, lunch, cuddled with me, and kept me company during the moments I was conscious. He's been so good to me, and for that I'm super thankful. So the rule of the house is that if you miss work then you have to miss your extra curricular activities too... I'll be missing my Monday Night Bible Study. Even though I know I would struggle being there, still not feeling 100%, I hate that I'm missing it.

I'm hoping more sleep tonight will allow me to wake refreshed and ready to tackle another day.

P.s. Because I've already been asked by one, and I know people at work will ask the same (they always do), NO I am not pregnant. :)

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