Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Furbaby Doing Alright

Dex is hanging in there and doing alright. Today is my first day without him bandaged up and we're giving it a go. Last night I took off the wrapping and cleaned the wound, letting it stay out in the open the rest of the evening. Today, I decided to give the entire day a try because it's looking much better and ultimately I didn't have the time, nor strength to wrestle him to get it done.

We're both ready to have daddy home tomorrow night!

Cartoon Style Dexter Doo

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Furbaby Problems

When Mr. McGoo is away, apparently the cats will play furbaby problems begin. Yup - Mr. McGoo departed Memphis yesterday afternoon to go see his mom and step dad (a long overdue adventure) and therefore my adventures apparently began soon after....

Came home from class last night, let the furbaby out, he ran around lots, and when he came in - I fed him. Went about my evening for a few minutes until I noticed Dex licking his leg constantly... came over to his bed to find a small pool of blood and a nail hanging by a thread on his back leg. I clipped the remaining portion of the nail and attempted to stop the bleeding. Here is what it looked like once the bleeding ceased (ouch!):

Next I called my rents for advise - they've had dogs their entire life, so I figured, surely they'd have a story about how this once happened and their solution was..., didn't get a hold of them and Mr. McGoo was on a plane in route to Arizona, so I hollered at my middle sis (Thirty-One Gifts Consultant if you ever need anything) and brother in law who are the proud owners of Dexter's sister, Maeby and cousin, Mak. I figured they'd have some ideas or at least understand the challenge I was facing with attempting to work with a wound with my dog by myself.

My sis and bro were the perfect help and talked me through what I somewhat already knew, and gave me the encouragement I needed to attempt to tackle bandaging the foot. It took 9 tries (Dex was not having it for 8 of those 9 attempts), but I finally got it.

Dex did great throughout the night with the bandage - never pulling on it from what I saw and it was fully intact this morning. Once they opened this morning, I called the vet and got the go ahead to keep doing what I'm doing and most importantly KEEP THE FOOT CLEAN.

I made a quick trip to Walgreens with Dexter Doo in tow (he stayed in the car), walking away with $26 worth of these lovely first aid supplies.

Several minutes later, most of the time spent on an attempt to get my furbaby to lay down in the right position and not pull away... I was able to clean the wound and re-bandage Dex up. Once he got settled, he was an excellent "patient".

Finished result as follows:


The real test is now underway... what will the state of this bandage be when I return home this evening?

So the test was complete... it failed.
I got a call about 3pm from my friend who was nice enough to stop by and check on the furbaby this afternoon. She said that although Dexter was doing well, his bandage was off and completely in tact as if it just "fell off". I returned home to try again. With the help of my friend distracting the pup while I cleaned the wound and reapplied antibacterial ointment and the dressing, we attempted again. Thankfully, I returned home more than 4hrs later to find the dressing in place and my furbaby doing well. Check him out...

I love me some Dex!