Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Watching the Cats!

Months ago when the schedules were announced and the tickets became available, my hubby purchased two tickets to the Ole Miss vs. Kentucky basketball game. Last night we made our way to Oxford, MS to use our tickets and watch the Cats play.

The stage was set for an enjoyable game: the Cats were undefeated in the SEC, they had won every year against Ole Miss since 2001, Jodi Meeks had been lightening up courts across the nation all year, players were beginning to learn their "roles" and play as a team, Ole Miss had lost some key players to injuries, and the facilities (the "Tad-Pad", as my loving hubby has called it) were not overstocked with Ole Miss fans. In other words, the stage was set for victory.

A couple hours past tip-off, Kelly and I left the "Tad-Pad" with a 5 point defeat, rather than victory. What happened? The team I was able to see from within the Ole Miss coliseum was not the same team that had been showing up on TV in games past. Lack of defense, lack of rebounding, tough shooting day for Meeks (had 15 points at one time consisting of ONE field goal, ONE three pointer, and TEN free throws - not his norm), stupid mistakes... just an overall blah performance. I was disappointed, but have to give props to Ole Miss playing up to their greatest potential and putting it all on the floor. The Rebels deserved that win last night, Kentucky did not.

Nevertheless, we had a great time. I love watching college b'ball with my hubby. It's a great joy for the both of us. After the game, we had great eats with some Rebel supporting friends that drove us down for the game. It was a good night. Late night, but a good night. Only thing that could have made it better was a great performance from our CATS.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know the feeling. uFrank

Erin Marie said...

Glad you guys had fun!!.. now if only my dad can come through for Kelly :)