Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 3: Eww Weee!

Yes, Ladies and Gents, we completed day 3 of workouts! Whoo hoo! 3 out 5 days isn't bad... Although we would have liked to do 5 workouts in 5 days, my hubby had some intense migraines Wednesday and Thursday. We set the alarm as usual, got up, and realized he was just not going to be able to go.

Needless to say, we got our bodies definitely WORKED OUT today! Ewww Weee!

Picture a gym floor, going the length of the basketball court. On one baseline sat our free weights - 8lbs for me, much more for my man. On the other end, sitting on the baseline were medicine balls. My medicine ball was 6lbs. And the games begun:

On the baseline with the free weights we had many weight lifting activities: RDL's, Military Press, Squats, Plymetrics, Triceps, Biceps, and even push ups. We would do one rep of 12-15 of one activity, then jog to the other baseline where the medicine ball awaited us. There were did crunches holding the medicine, usually in a set of 30-40 reps. We would then jog back to the free weight baseline and complete a new activity, with the same result, jogging back to the medicine ball and the required crunches.

We went through all 8 or so weight activities and 8 or so sets of different crunch related activities with the medicine ball, plus our 16 times the length of the basketball court. That was 1.

Yay. We did this 3 times total.

I feel good this morning. It burned, I felt it during each activity, but I felt good. I feel we've done something this morning. I love that feeling. I'm proud of my man, and myself for getting three days of hard workouts in this week. I'm looking forward to Monday & Wednesday next week when we get to do it again... and then for awhile I think we're on our own. I hope we can keep it up!


Kel said...

Is it wrong to be attracted to a cartoon?

Elian said...

Y'all are nuts.

Mrs. McGoo said...

Oh, feeling the burn today!!! Walking around like an old woman! Ouch!