Sunday, September 28, 2008

Congrats Brent & Robin!


It's kind of hard to believe... but I'm so excited about it. My middle sis, Robin got married this weekend. This weekend we welcomed Brent into the family. We're so pumped to add another male to the bunch. I know dad is enjoying the addition of testosterone into this usual estrogen land that he lives.

The wedding was beautiful! I went up to NashVegas with mom and dad on Thursday to help Robin get ready for the big day. We sorted out some stuff Thursday night and Friday morning we took care of some additional loose ends. By Friday evening, Kelly and Kelsey joined us and we had the Rehearsal and Rehearsal dinner. Saturday was the big day and Robin couldn't have been a better looking bride.

I were blessed to be a part of Robin & Brent's big day. You could say that I was a very proud big sister on Saturday.

Below are some pictures from the weekend:

Family picture before the weekend truly began: Brent, Robin, and baby Maeby.

Robin and Dad during the Rehearsal, just a day away!

The usual suspects at the Rehearsal Dinner: Brent, Kelsey, & Robin.

My favorite pictures from the hair salon. Robin (the bride) in the middle surrounded by her bridesmaids, soloist, and mother - ready to do her hair.

The Matron of Honor (me) and Maid of Honor (Kelsey) beating up our new brother.
Love jumping pictures!
I love this man!

Me and the beautiful and exquisite bride

So I'll stop there, I could go on for days with some of our good pictures. Between Kelly and myself, we took home 545 pictures. I actually had to delete pictures during the reception to get more room on the memory card to continue taking them the rest of the evening. Great wedding, great reception, good food, good dancing, great weekend.

Love you Robin, welcome to the family Brent!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sister Getting Married, Things to Do

My little sis - the middle one - Robin is getting married Saturday. I ended up taking off tomorrow and Friday to get there early for the big day and spend some time with my sis. She's getting married in Nashville, so Mom, Dad, and I are making our way there tomorrow. The hubby and littlest sis will come Friday after they finish classes.

I have to be at my rent's house by 9am. That means I have to leave my house by 8:30am. I need to pack all of my things - try to remember everything I'm supposed to bring - STOP - speaking of... I'm headed to my bookshelf RIGHT NOW to grab Redeeming Love - Okay. I'm back. I actually did two things while I was up, grabbed Redeeming Love and also the camera battery I was charging since it has completed its charge. I grabbed Redeeming Love because that is the book Robin will read during some of their down time at the honeymoon. It's the same book I read at my honeymoon. VERY GOOD BOOK - I definitely suggest it to all the ladies.

So where was I... Oh yes, I need to pack all of the things I need for the wedding weekend, run the vacuum so our friend Chris who will be dog sitting/house sitting this weekend will have less dog hair to deal with in the house, take a shower and shave my legs, fold the clothes in the other room, and eat my dinner.

So what am I doing? Sitting on the couch, watching HDtv - yep that again, and posting a blog. Priorities, right? I'm spent. I don't know what it is. Work has been SLAMMED this week. We've had four sales folks out this week and a crazy amount of orders to keep us busy, and then today I got a manicure with mom after work, ran back to the house to feed the dogs and let them pee, then out to the kickball field to play in our league, back to the house to edit Kelly's paper due tomorrow, and now sitting here waiting on Kelly to bring my dinner (10:15pm it is) to the house. I'm ready for bed! I guess I'm just going to have to wake up at my normal time and jump on the ball in the morning. That's going to be BUSY and probably isn't the smartest way to go, but I'm really REALLY unmotivated to complete any of those tasks tonight. I think my dogs have it right...they are laying down on their sides, totally sprawled out on the floor, chillin. I think I'll follow suit.

Now back to my point - I came to post to say that I probably wouldn't post again until next week. Robin is getting married on Saturday and as the Matron of Honor (wow that makes me sound old), I'm headed to Nashville to help her with any odds and ins, and all the wedding festivities that come. I'm excited!

Above photo of the Bride & Groom To Be: Robin and Brent

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Taken for $23, a NutriGrain bar, and a Powerade?

Today I could have been taken for $23, a NutriGrain bar, and a powerade. Maybe...

You know what? I've decided I don't care if I believe was "taken" for all that or not. I had a true feeling today that THIS is the right thing to do. And considering that I'm usually crazy skeptical about anyone coming up asking for a handout - that means something.

so hear is what happened in a nut shell. I'll leave out ALL the details of what she said, but you'll get the gist anyway.

Janna and I were talking outside my car today after breakfast at Brother Junipers (by the University of Memphis/by my home). While talking a woman walks up to us. She's in her early 30's I would bet, black leather jacket, tattoo on her upper breast, and looking like she is still wearing last night's clothes. She asks Janna and I if we have a number or know of an emergency transportation place. She then tells us that, no offense, our city is not a nice place. She needs to get back to Arkansas. Last night her boyfriend hit her in a restaurant and was arrested. The police will not take her across the state border and they were not a taxi service. She said she had been to many churches already, and they all suggested her going to the downtown women's battered mission. There they would take her wherever she needed after a 48-72 hour wait. She said she couldn't wait that long because she had 2 kids at home that she wanted to get back to. She told us that she has a bus pass that she just got from the YMCA (which happened to be across the street from where we stood) and that they told her the bus would take her downtown to the baseball stadium where a bus station was close. I confirmed with her that yes, the Greyhound bus station is there. She then said that she didn't have enough funds for the bus ride. She has asked a couple people and so far for some money and so far had collected $4.50, and had been offered money three times for sexual favors (she told me what they were). Yuck. I asked her how much the Greyhound ticket was. She said $26. I grabbed my $3.00 out of my wallet, Janna gave her what she had, $2.

And then I felt it, while I was taking the money out of my wallet, which was in my car - she couldn't see how much I had (no matter, $3 was all that was with me)... I felt that feeling - I'm supposed to do something more than this. I felt certain and I felt peaceful about it.

So I handed Carla (that was her name) my $3.00, Janna handed her the $2, and I told her, "Here is what we're going to do Carla. Janna is going to get in the car with me, and you are too. We are going to drive to my house, which is right down the street, get you the $20 you need." She graciously thanked me, got in the car and we began to make our way.

She told me the bus stop was by Walgreen's and Yums. I let her know that was down from my house and I'd be happy to take her there too. Graciously she thanked me again. We talked in the car, asked her about certain things, she had a good answer for everything, and seemed legit, which continued to assure me I was doing what I was supposed to regardless of the outcome. I went into my house, while Janna and her stood outside. I grabbed $20, a NutriGrain bar, and a bottled Powerade because I knew she hadn't eaten that morning due to our discussion. I drove her to the bus stop, told her to take care of herself, and drove away.

Now this is the thing - I don't know if I was just taken for $23, a NutriGrain bar, and a bottled Powerade, OR if I truly helped a woman in distress who has made some wrong choices. And I'm realizing, I do not really care. I don't want to know if you think I was taken or not... but, even now, hours and hours later, I truly feel like I did what the Spirit led me to do. I'm not asked to do more than that!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Truly Pathetic This Time

It's beyond official now. I'm truly pathetic!!!

I'm in pain because of KICKBALL (yes, Kelly and I are in an adult kickball league. It's great, we love it) and BOWLING of all things!

wow. I'm OUT OF SHAPE! I am now the definition of out of shape. I better start stretching again.

Stretch before and after Wednesday night kickball. I'm the pitcher, so I squat most of the game to pitch the nice, no bouncy, ball. Kelly says I'm making excuses. I say, switch positions with me for a night and we'll talk. I love pitcher, but I feel it every Thursday morning.

And then there is the company bowling league I've talked about before... I should probably start stretching before and after that activity too... I didn't last night, and here we are Friday morning - OUCH!

Both activities are SUPER fun, but you pay for your fun sometimes, don't ya?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

He Knew I'd Blog

Kelly and I had a moment this weekend, a moment in which he looked at me after the moment and said, "AND DON'T BLOG ABOUT THIS EITHER!!!!" ha ha ha. He knew I couldn't resist, and we joked about it the rest of the night.

Friday, I believe it was. Kelly can always correct me if I'm wrong. He's not shy about doing that.

So Friday it was... I came home after a full day of work and found my hubby laying on the couch after a day full of school, part time job, and laying out clothes for the soccer guys that didn't travel this weekend. There he laid, watching TV. As I proceeded to complete my normal "I'm finally home" routine (love on the dogs as they attack me at the door, put down my purse, survey the house - front room and kitchen - to see what my daily cleaning tasks need to be accomplished, breathing, and turning around to come love on my man), I realized what Kelly was watching.... 90210.

Not the oldie but goodie, we all grew up with it, 90210, but the NEW, trying to be something it's not for the new generation, 90210. Hello?! I couldn't help but think, "are you seriously watching this?" But I figured I'd give it a shot. I sat down, skeptically, but still sat down without a word, and watched the rest of the episode.

Following the show, I couldn't resist any longer...

"Are you seriously watching this? How retarded of a show!"

Automatically Kelly got semi defensive in a comical way, "what do you mean? It's 90210, I loved that show growing up!"

"Yeah, so did I, but this is NOT the old show. This is another trashy remake that doesn't look any good. Why do you watch this crap?"

And then the hysterical occurred....

Kelly started "yelling" in this hilarious voice, sounds like a teenage that was just told they couldn't text anymore because they didn't do what they told... he just went off...

"GOSH! You don't understand me anymore!!! You just don't get it. This show is what it's like out there. ALL THE PRESSURE. Peer pressure, drugs, drinking, girls. You just don't understand. You're too far removed. You don't get all the pressure I have and how this helps me. I can't believe it, GOSH. You just don't understand!!!"

On and on and on he went, cracking me up!!! Halfway through, my hysterical laughter started to make him crack, but one burst of laughter by himself, and then he went back into character. "You don't get it! I'm in college! There is so much pressure! You're just too far removed!"

Ha! Finally I jumped on top of him and we cracked up together and laughed about it the rest of the week.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Proud Momma

Whoo - Today has been a long day. I'm sitting here past 11 o'clock listening to my second load (I meant to do it all today) of laundry spin its way in the washer. Exhausted, I'm still up because I feel bad for keeping the dogs here most of the day by themselves - on a weekend when we should spend time together. I'm hoping some extra time awake will allow them to go to and fro a bit or play outside (like they are now) to expel a bit more energy before night night. Plus, the hubby is watching more football and catching up on his Internet sports news.

I said today has been a long day, but I don't want to forget to mention that it's been a great day too. We've been up and running, but have been able to see lots of things and do some new stuff too.

Our day began with a new adventure. We took Dexter (pictured above - this was from July, so he's bigger these days but this picture was too endearing not to post) to Dog Woods this morning. Dog Woods is a training facility for dogs. We went to the "Beginners" class this morning. Our first week of 6 weeks. At first I was a bit intimidated by the thought. I'm not sure why, maybe because Kelly made it sounds "worse" or different than it really was, and because I wasn't sure how Dexter would do. We haven't put him around many other dogs, besides Kodi and his occasional visits with his sister Maeby. Or because Dexter listens to Kelly well, but often struggles with taking me seriously. The only thing we can guess is, it's my voice (higher pitched) and he maybe views me as Momma that likes to play with him too. Anyway, regardless of the reason, I was a bit unsure about the whole thing, but knew I wanted to be the one doing the class with him. I knew I needed some of the training just as much as my puppy.

The class we are taking, Beginners, hopes to accomplish this: "Any dog more than four months old is eligible to enter this 6 week course. We will be covering basic obedience commands along with instructions on how to correct behavior problems." After our one hour experience, I can say, I am a proud momma and am looking forward to next week! Dexter was one of the best pups in the bunch. He did so well! We discussed and worked on walking without Dex pulling on the leash, sit/stay, name recognition, and how to correct bad behavior. I'm pumped and ready to work more with him this week. He did fabulous. He's one smart pup, and I have more confidence in him and in myself after today.

Following all of that, we had a little time at the house to clean a bit, then went to Kelsey's soccer game. Kelsey (littest sis) plays for CBU, we watched them play for a half against Rhodes. I hear they came out with the 2-1 victory. GO BUCS!

After soccer, we scooted quickly to Olive Branch to visit with Larry - my father in law (NOTE: someone just made the blog for the first time!!! Hint, hint), my brother in law - Kevin, Leah - my sister in law, and Grace - my niece. It was great to catch up with them all. We sat at Buffalo Wild Wings for almost three hours, enjoying each others' company. Pictured to the right is a photo of Grace and Larry.

Our next task was supposed to be something simple, we stopped by to get Kelly's car an oil change... turned out it needed a bit more than that, so 45 minutes later we headed home. There we let out the dogs, fed them dinner, grabbed quick showers and headed out the door again to eat at Mom and Dad's. Dinner was good, but the company was better. We visited with Mom, Dad, Robin (middle sis) & Brent (Robin's Fiance - getting married in 2 weeks!!!!) and their/our buddy Michael. We got home after 1030 and here I am. I'm ready for bed, past 11:30 now, goodnight.

Friday, September 12, 2008



I put together a company bowling league. I guess, technically, I'm the bowling league Commissioner. I got 21 people to participate - employees and their spouses, and we make up 7 teams.

The team names are fun too. My team is "Will Bowl For Food". Kelly suggested my team name - even though he isn't playing. Then we have the "Bowling Stones", "Split Happens", "I Can't Believe It's not Gutter", "Alley Cats", "Strike Zone", and the "Smokin' Bowlers".

The bowling league isn't pathetic - that is the fun part. We started last night - 6 weeks of competition. What is pathetic is ME. I have just realized I have pain in my left butt cheek, and in my left knee.... only to be associated with last night's first bowling experience.

How old am I?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Lesson Learned - Refocused

God speaks. He speaks, it's just a matter of if we stop enough to listen.

I learned another lesson this past week. A lesson, I'm sure I "knew", but I hadn't really experienced yet. Stress can affect you. It can affect you and it can affect the people around you. Kelly and I have seen that first hand these last couple weeks.

We've had quite a few new additions in our lives as of late. From Kelly going back to college in August to our new puppy, Dexter, who was added to our lives in May to Kelly being involved with the University of Memphis men's soccer team and the duties that come with that to our extra curricular activities and Kelly's part time job. Our lives have had some changes recently.

It's funny how quickly you get set into your normal schedule of events, knowing how the normal flow of a week looks and being comfortable with that flow. We've always been busy - that's a fact, but believe it or not, there was reason and order to our chaos. We knew what to expect and how to monitor the week as we went. We knew what time was ours together, what time we searched to hangout with friends, what time to clean the house, it was all completed throughout the week in it's own regulated, day planner oriented way. That normality has now changed.

It's a new schedule now, and we have yet to get it settled. When do we clean, when does Kelly study, when do we get to relax (ha! yeah, right?), when do we see friends and family, when do we get work done, when, when, when? It's not set yet, and we are working through the experience of having an intense schedule change. And what do all these things bring about.... stress.

One of my best friends, Kelly (yeah, a best friend named Kelly and a husband named Kelly, that made for interesting story telling when I talked to my family while Kelly and I dated - I remember the questions mid-story - "now, which Kelly are you talking about here? girl Kelly or boy Kelly? ha!). Anyway, Kelly put it a great way yesterday. She said, "more stress + less time together = worse communication".

That's so true... Marriage is all about communication and time with one another, and when living with your best friend and mate during stressful times, one must be cognizant of the intense need for communication and understanding where each person is coming from. Kelly and I saw this need unfold as the stresses piled on.

Going back to my beginning point with this post - God speaks.... through our battle with stress and not taking it out on the other person, Kelly and I finally realized it wasn't about us, it was about the other person and about the Lord. The big picture. Kelly stopped to pray over our meal Monday night and asked exactly that - that the Lord would allow us to not take our stress out on one another, that we would be focused on Him and not ourselves, and take one day at a time, and show love towards one another, being "a team" rather than pitting against one another and letting Satan have a stronghold. This prayer really helped reconnect and refocus us.

The next day, God confirmed our desires, letting us know we were asking for the right things. This confirmation was shown in two ways:

1. On our friend's blog, Hallie & Michael posted a blurp on marriage yesterday. Within the blup, Hallie wrote specifically: "What we're praying for specifically for our marriage and yours: Unity in everything. Wisdom and insight to know one another truly. Honesty and openness in all communication. Compassion and forgiveness because we are humans, after all. Passion because you are lovers, not roommates. Awareness of the enemy who seeks to destroy your marriage at every possible turn. Strength and perseverance to fight for more than just a mediocre life. All for the glory of our great God." AMEN!

2. And then again last night, our Sunday School class sent out their weekly recap of the topic the Sunday before, within it they encourage us (all married couples) to: pursue.remember why you fell in love. serve each other. remember to stay committed. realize that your arguments are that big of a deal:don't sweat the small stuff. communicate. don't assume. pray. keep a daily thought process (stay focused on the relationship). treat the other the same as yourself (as one). say I'm sorry. don't go to bed angry.

Praise the Lord for providing constant reminders and encouragement by our surrounding believers. This walk wasn't made to walk alone. And I'm so thankful for a man that loves me, leads me spiritually, and walks with me too.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

HGtv Is Addictive - Project Update #1

Awhile ago I published a post about how HGtv is ADDICTIVE and the many home projects we hope to tackle and accomplish. One project in particular got the most feedback of them all... the kitchen cabinets.

My post read: The newest project has to do with our kitchen cabinets. This will be the mother load of all projects for me, to date. Currently the cabinets are white with big and bulky black handles. I have taken one small cabinet door down and put some paint remover on it. I've only done the back of the cabinet so far, just in case we didn't find what I was hoping. What I found is a great surprise... once fully stripped down there is a very light and pure wood. It's going to be a VERY large undertaking but my goal is to strip all the cabinets and get it to the natural wood color. A blank slate to stain. Also we'll get new hardware for the cabinets, which is a much needed update.

This post is to show you my first update, of many, about how this rather large endeavor is going. I am attempting to accomplish this task, even though I had a couple warning responses to the large undertaking of it all.
I first want to show you what the cabinets look like to start with:

So the task has begun. I have completed two full cabinet doors, inside & out. I have 18 cabinet doors to go and 6 drawers to completed. That's a grand total of 24 more pieces I have to tackle before I can even start the frames of all of this.

It is definitely a large project, but I have been encouraged by a couple things: 1. the two cabinet doors that have been completed look great (pictures below), and 2. I spoke with a friend, Jessica, tonight at Kelly's soccer game and she's done this project before in her own house. She encouraged me that it could be done, but warned me that it WILL TAKE TIME. Lots of time, but she's so proud of the work she accomplished and loves how her kitchen looks now. So hopefully thoughts about these two thing will push me through the many times I get worn out or annoyed by the project I've chosen.

Here are the AFTER pictures I have so far:

Doesn't the wood look wonderful?

I don't understand why someone stained these black, then painted them white, and then painted them white a couple more times?

The top layer is a thick white layer of paint - that comes up very quickly and easily with the paint stripper gel I use. The second layer of white paint is obviously older and not so thick. So my second layer of stripper gel does the trick on that but not so easily as the top layer. And the final BLACK layer of stain is the one that makes me do the most work. I sand that layer off. Using a hand held sander I work hard to get that layer off and expose the pure wood. I like how it looks though once I'm through.

By Kelly's estimation, I should attempt to do at least 2 pieces a week. With 24 more pieces to go, that's AT LEAST 12 more weeks (or 3 months) of work BEFORE I even attempt to come inside and start the outer boxes. Wow. Starts to sound like an even bigger project the more I talk about it, so before I get depressed and lose my momentum, I'm signing off now. Update #1 completed.

Friday, September 5, 2008

A "Happy" and A Mother/Daughter Convo

My momma gave me a happy today. It made me smile.

So typically Mom, she called me last night. I was "down" stairs working on stripping one of my cabinets - more details on that later - so I missed her call.

Once I finished what I was working on, I went to check the voicemail."Hey, It's Mom. I bought you something. I'll leave it at the house for you. That's all I'm telling you. Bye."

ha. Loved it. So I texted mom back: "Sorry I missed your call, you're so cute. :) Love you."

I knew I wouldn't have a chance to stop by mom & dad's house until around lunch time, but mom and I communicated before then.

I sent out an email bragging about my middle sis. Telling everyone in the family and a few friends that Robin had updated her wedding website blog,

Mom quickly replied to me stating, "I'll have to look at it at home :("

Her work has blocked lots of websites, so she can rarely see anything I send her.

In response to mom's email, I wrote: "Just ask me to send it to you. Don't guilt me into it. :) ha ha I'll copy Connie too, I'm sure she'd want to read. Hi Connie. :) Heather" And I copied the text of Robin's blog into the body of the email for her and her coworker to read.

Of course, mom was quick to rebuttal my remark, saying, "Cute. Fyi: Connie is off today. The hussy. I had Sherrie read the blog and she says Hey whatever works and laughed... Oh and don't be so testy, I know it's Friday, but I can keep your gift :)"

I loved it. Mom's hilarious.

To which I replied, "ha. I had forgotten about the gift. he he. :) I'm not being testy, I'm being blunt like my momma. There IS a difference, right? :)"

I love my mom.

So I went to my rents during lunch, and there sitting on the bar, waiting for me was a small pot of my favorite flowers. Bright and yellow, the gerber daisies were smiling at me! I loved it. Put an instant smile on my face. Thanks mom for giving me such a good HAPPY on a Friday! Awesome.

My gerbers are pictured to the right. My camera phone didn't take too poor of a shot. I like how I accidentally got the matching green "H" for Heather in the shot too. Boy, am I good.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Can't Muster Up Anything More

"Lord, help me."

Have you ever had moments where there are so many things you're thinking about, and so many uncertainties in your head that you can't even really pray about it? You don't know what exactly to say, or how to say it, or what you really want and need.

Our Sunday School leader said it a great way the other day, he said... sometimes you just have to pray often through the day, "Lord, help me. Help me, Lord".

He's right. Some days we can't muster up the right things to say... but the best thing to do is to acknowledge that I can't do it alone, I need the Lord, and I want the Lord to help me. I think He'll bless that. Thank you, Lord.

Just for a randomly fun update - a new August 29th picture of Dexter.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Small Success & Trying to Stay Out of the Flesh

In October 2007, yep, almost a full year ago, my hubby purchased many gifts for me for my birthday. He likes to overdo it a bit, I think it's one of his love languages - gift giving. Anyway, among the gifts he gave me was Microsoft Money.

Being that I'm the "nerd" in the family, and I'm sure those reading this that know me well think I shouldn't even put quotations above "nerd". I'm not a "nerd", more like a NERD. But that's besides the point, being that I'm the NERD of the family, I do the checkbook, pay the bills, and tweak our budget. I like doing these things. They are detail oriented, I like that. Kelly knows this and therefore got me a nerdy gift for my birthday: Microsoft Money.

I was pretty excited about it at first, looking at all the images on the box and the different features of the program. But I then tried to use the program and my excitement started to dwindle. I could not get it to accurately balance my checking account on the program. I was balanced great in my written checkbook, but trying to add the info to MS Money was not happening. I probably spent 15 man hours working on this program throughout the next month. Kelly would try to argue this point because he was often off doing other things (watching football) as I battled with MS Money. Sooner or later, I gave up.

I had not touched MS Moneys since that time - November 2007, until YESTERDAY. I don't know what it was, maybe it was Kelly being out of the house doing is University of Memphis manager duties, or the cleaned up office we actually can now work in and sit at a desk... whatever it was, I attempted MS Money again. I opened the program, deleted everything that I had done in 07, and started a fresh (something I had done twenty times over back last Oct/Nov).

It worked. I now have all our accounts set up in there, and am starting to piddle with all the feature, the pie charts, the budgeting, the graphs, etc. It should work out pretty well, I hope with renewed excitement. Kelly mentioned last night that he thinks I'll really like it once I get the program down... only time will tell.

So that was my small success. Yay.
Now on to my trying to stay out of the flesh.

Rain + Memphis + Drivers = FRUSTRATION

Any of you Memphians know what I'm talking about here, don't you? I was thinking about it on my last 5 minute leg to work... wow, rain + Memphis + drivers really tests my patience. I don't understand why driving becomes soooo difficult for people as soon as some sprinkling occurs, and if real rain comes, WATCH OUT, disaster is about to occur on the streets.

Tell me if this makes any sense... we're driving on the interstate/hwy going the speed limit 65-70 mph and people SLAM ON THEIR BREAKS because it starts to rain a little harder. HELLO!!!! CAN WE SAY CAR ACCCIDENT??? I just don't get it. And it frustrates to poo out of me.

So this is what I've come up with, rain + memphis + driver = A quick reminder of my sinfulness.

Why you might ask? Because I struggle so hard not to call each and every idiot on the road - see.... happens already - a name, and huff and puff my way through the chaos, with my blood pressure up, and my frustration hitting the roof. It's ridiculous. I go into automatic fleshly Heather. It's not good.

So today, during the last few minutes of my trip, I cranked up KLove - listened to the Christian tunes, and thought about it a bit. I slowed down and thought "I'll just be a few minutes late for work, I can handle that" and coasted my way in a defensive driver state but with one again a calm and collective spirit. Until next time. :)