Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What Kind of Coffee Drinker Are You?

So my hubby and I got into a little discussion about coffee drinkers last night. Let me start off my saying, my hubby is NOT a coffee drinker, so he doesn't get it. We passed three Starbucks on the same street in about a three mile radius, thus sprung the discussion.

So my question to you is:
What kind of coffee drinker are you?

Are you the type that HAS TO HAVE IT every morning right when you get up? If not, watch out!

Are you the type of person that HAS TO HAVE IT once they get to work or they are unable to function?

Are you the type that enjoys it, maybe drink some most week days, but not necessarily on the weekend?

Are you the type that only has it once in awhile?

What's your coffee obsession/routine or lack there of? Are you addicted?

For me, I'm a coffee lover but not a coffee addict. I enjoy coffee, it's a delicious treat. I have a cup every weekday once I get into the office, something to warm me up especially this time of year. And lately I get a Starbucks stop every Saturday morning before class for an Earl Grey Tea Latte that gears me up for class. But coffee for me is not a need. I enjoy it at home on lazy days where I can take my time getting ready and enjoy a cup while reading or catching a show. I can drink it in the morning or the night, without worry if it's decaf or not because it doesn't affect me.

I love my coffee though... what about you?

Ha. Just found and old post I wrote about coffee a time when I HAD to have a cup of joe to function at work... I think the change happened when I started to work out. Here's my past post. Funny how things change a bit.


Mr. McGoo said...

I don't get it eh? I don't get that people spend $5 a day on something that could be made for less that a dollar at home? = gross

Frank Bryant said...

Hello, my name is Frank and I am a coffee addict. My first cup is moments after I leave the bedroom every day of the week. My habit has caused me to purchase only coffee machines that have a timer. I prepare the coffee and set the timer before going to bed at night because I cannot wait for it to brew after I get up. On work days, I have one cup on the way to the office and then a couple more at work. I go cold turkey after lunch.

Mr. McGoo said...

Good Frank. The first step is admitting you've got a problem.