Monday, March 1, 2010

Home Owner = Constant Project

If you're a home owner then I'm sure you'll understand what I mean by "Home Owner = Constant Project". The reality is, whether you have an old or new home, there is always things to change, always projects to unfold, and always things on the wish list.

For me and Mr. McGoo, a To Do List of home projects needing to be tackled is always underway. We have an older home and there is plenty to do. "Project flooring" was completed a few weeks ago, maybe a month now. It has made the home look TOTALLY different and we love it! And around the same time, we completed "project take the door away". So yesterday we began "project re-do guest room". The guest room nearest our bathroom, and technically the first bedroom on the right when you enter our home (there is not an entrance there anymore) is currently a disaster zone. Last night we sanded down all the puddy around the new drywall that was put into place when they removed the door. We also filled in all the holes in the walls and sanded down any bumpy rough patches that we could find. The room is currently coated in dust from this endeavor, and although I did my best to vacuum up as much as I could last night, an intense cleaning is in my future. We'll have to wipe down everything and clean it up before the next step... primer... paint... and finally putting the room back together.

Currently the bedroom is a dingy darkish green. I (yes, the pronoun has changed here because Mr. McGoo hates painting and I know this will be a solo endeavor once the paint cans are popped open - he did tons with the sanding and will help clean up and prep, and I really don't mind painting. I'll turn on the tv in there and get to work while enjoying a cheesy Family Channel movie) will change the room in a big way by taking away the dingy darkish, not so nice looking green, and replacing it with a neutral CASTLE STONE. The bedroom will instantly look bigger with this neutral lighter color. Currently the bedding is a neutral, masculine pattern that's simple with thick lines of tans and browns. I will keep that bedding but add an accent color now that I have a neutral pallet on the walls. I'll pick my accent color by choosing a few pillows to add (one solid, one or two patterned) and once I have the accent color I can then choose some curtains to put up in the room also. Looking forward to the change.

All of these changes - at least the ones with the walls and putting the room back in order will need to be completed by the weekend. My father in law is coming back in town to stay a bit and this room is where he stays... want to get the project complete before he arrives. Time to get down to work!

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