Thursday, March 4, 2010

Show Love

Today I'm wearing my SHOW LOVE Tshirt (example to your left). The shirt not only shares the message of the orphan crisis in the world and our call to action as believers, but it also supports the Dunlap Adoption fund. I love it! They are quality shirts and I am honored to be in possession of one. If you want one too (you have two to choose from, my hubby got the lighter grey one), check out the Dunlap Adoption blog and order yours today! Each shirt supports the Dunlap families' pursuit of adopting a boy (or siblings) from Ethiopia... giving a child or two a FOREVER HOME and sharing the love of Christ with them.

In other news, today has been a good day... in addition to my hubby's amazing surprise and MUCH NEEDED, by the way, he came and got me for lunch today. I always love seeing my man midday. It puts an extra smile on my face, especially for the afternoon hours of work. We enjoyed the Memphis Pizza Cafe and had some great "what does the summer hold for the McGoo's" kind of discussion.

The plan tonight is to work on staying stress free... maybe complete the priming of the guest bedroom, eat some Turkey Tostadas (a new recipe I'm going to try), and reading a bit about the Respiratory System in my A&P2 book. We'll see how it all unfolds.

Oh, and such powerful truth is spoken in this blog regarding orphans and our call as believers... wow! This family is doing a WORK for the Lord and for the least of these. They are an encouragement, an inspiration, and are speaking truth with a challenge! Check it out!

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