Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekend Photos

Friday studies and Saturday am exam. Skipping lab to enjoy the Sec Tourney with my hubby, father in law, brother in law and niece on Saturday and then headed to the hosting festivities of a coed wedding shower for friends. Sunday we enjoyed Sunday School with our awesome class, watched an intense SEC Championship match (GO CATS!), and then enjoyed dinner with my rents. A good weekend.

Here are some photos from the shower festivities:

The invite for the evening. (above)..
ps. Johnny will NEVER forget Erin Marie's birthday after this evening together - NEVER!

Photographic artistry by Laura Dawson. ha!


Candace said...

These pics were great! Thanks for sharing H :) Yay for the soon-to-be Adelman's! The Mr. and I are working on our AI brackets... should have something to you soon!

Frank Bryant said...

Kelly needs a new shirt.

Laura said...

I think I take just fine photos! :)