Thursday, March 11, 2010

2010 American Idol Elimination Brackets

So after an interesting elimination announcement tonight on American Idol, we are now to the TOP 12 and the American Idol 2010 Elimination Bracket Challenge can begin.

Anyone want to play?

Think of the NCAA basketball bracket done during the March Madness Tourney... this is similar but American Idol style. The goal is to predict who will be the next American Idol.

To Play: Turn in brackets by end of the day (midnight) Monday, March 15th. Turn your answers in via email (using the bracket made below) or by posting on the comments section of this blog post.

YOUR goal in this elimination bracket challenge is to select every Idol contestant that will REMAIN each week, ultimately choosing the NEXT American Idol.

If you are filling out the bracket supplied below, do NOT write down the person you believe will not make that Top list, only write the folks down you believe will stay each week. If you want to leave your choices on the blog post, you'll write you answers opposite - go to the comments section and list the names of who will leave each week. For example: 11. Casey, 10. Crystal, 9. etc - listing the person that will be voted out and unable to proceed in that top X week.

Let me know if you need more clarification, I'll gladly explain. Ultimately I'll post everyone's selections on the comments section of this post for all to see whether you email or go ahead and post it yourself.

Point System: Each week you will get points for each person you choose correctly to stay in the game. Therefore, if you get the right person out of the game from the start, the first week you can accumulate up to 11 points. If you get the wrong person, you'll only get 10 points. The point accumulation will continue throughout the entire competition.

Each week, Mrs. McGoo will tally up your points according to how many Idols you correctly picked to be in that TOP round. Every two weeks the points available for a correct pick will increase, as seen on the bottom of your bracket sheet.

Winner: Person with the most points at the end, WINS. If there is a tie in points, the person with the actual American Idol pick WINS. If there is still a tie, the person with the most fully correct weeks WINS. If there is still a tie, I'll pick a number from 1-50 and those who have tied will guess what number - closest to the number I choose WINS.

PRIZE: Winner gets bragging rights and a choice of one of three $10 gift card options: Starbucks, Target, or Home Depot.

American Idol 2010 Elimination Brackets

Let the games begin. I'll post weekly updates on how everyone sits in the standings.

PS. You don't ACTUALLY have to watch the show regularly to play - make a guess at it if you want, I don't mind... you may even do better because you won't over analyze it like the regular watchers will do. Often it's a combination of who American likes popularity wise AND who sings well... so the choices definitely get tricky at times!


Mr. McGoo said...

I don't think people should compete in this considering they need to know they won't win.

No one will be able to compete with my musical ninja skills.

Frank Bryant said...

Someone did not learn the lesson of waiting until after the game before talking trash.

Oh well, it will make my second beat down of Mr. McGoo all the sweeter.

Mr. McGoo said...

I only speak the truth...

Allison Weber said...

Sorry.. I'm a little late... time change you know... heh

12. Lacey Brown
11. Tim Urban
10. Paige Miles
9. Aaron Kelly
8. Andrew Garcia
7. Katie Stevens
6. Siobhan Magnus
5. Michael Lynche
4. Didi Benami
3. Casey James
2. Crystal Bowersox
1. Lee DeWyze