Monday, March 8, 2010

Great Weather, Good Friends, Nice Weekend

We had a great weekend and I think seeing the sun shining and enjoying the non cold temps gave everyone a little more pep in their step. We were able to visit with new and old friends both Friday and Saturday night. On both occasions we ate delicious grub and more than enjoyed the company of friends.

In addition to the normal weekend occurrence of school, we enjoyed the amazing weather in full by taking our furbabies on a walk. We were out and about for about an hour and took them to the U of Memphis to enjoy some of the open spaces/fields available around there. They LOVED IT! And so did we! We had to wait for a train to pass in order to get to the university and that seemed to perplex Dexter - what is this thing? Once we got the open space at the university, Kodi Bear enjoyed wandering about at his own free will - he's good like that. Dexter, on the other hand, had to be leashed at all times because we know he'd be gone for good if we let him off... so to help my pup out, I took a few laps back and forth on the field to get Dexter running. He is FAST! I did my best not to trip and fall (not a small feat for me! seriously!), as well as keep up with him so he could run as he desired - you could tell he was having a blast, tongue sticking out everywhere and all. The fun part of this process was that once we ran across the field from one side to the other, Kodi would follow. Dexter and I would stop - so Momma could catch her breath and get ready to run back. Kodi would stand behind Dexter and I and once we took off again, he'd wait a few seconds and then chase us or race us back. It was hilarious. I'm sure my hubby would have a thing or two to say as he watched this process occur more than a few times, while sitting on the bench relaxing. I'm sure I looked like a dork as usual.

Below are photos I took of the boys before we went on our walking excursion Saturday. I caught Dex laying out in the sun like an iguana! Right next to the sliding glass door, he was sprawled out enjoying the rays. Very cute - so I had to get some shots. Here are a few of my favs...

Both of our furbabies - Kodi on his bed (not so excited about Mom's photo shoot) and Dex front and center ready for his close up!

While taking multiple photos of the beast (Dexter) as he laid out in the sun, I caught this AWESOME photo - he's yawning, but it looks so cool!

As I mentioned earlier, Kodi wasn't all about the photo shoot. He mostly gave me the look that says, "What are you doing?"

Along with the fun times with friends and the pups, the hubby and I continued to tackle some home projects. We finally got the guest room primed (lots of speed bumps along the way - i.e. emotional break down last week, pure exhaustion, etc). We also put our first coat of paint on the walls last night and are in hopes of applying coat #2 this evening. The dark greenish color is definitely gone, now we're working towards completing the Castle Stone color... only time will tell if the color turns out like I desired after the second coat.

Today is the first week day of my hubby's spring break... he's a trooper - instead of enjoying the sun somewhere outside of Memphis, he's at home in the midst of home projects. More on that later.

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ATerri said...

I am sure he will be watching alot of basketball, hope projects get done. Love ya