Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Paint in My Hair, Paint Everywhere

Paint in my hair, Paint everywhere,
Paint in the room, no longer looking gloom.
Painting done there, Painting to do everywhere,
Painting the living space, Painting all over the place.
Updating the house, not being quiet as a mouse,
Enjoying the changes, making new arranges.
Hoping the end is in sight, it will be a great delight.

Well we completed the painting process last night for the guest room. I'm not even thinking about a third coat, so I hope it doesn't need it. So far the verdict is such: I love how bright the room is and how much larger it now looks. I'm looking forward to adding all the necessary accents to pull the room color pallet together - looking to get curtains and a few accessories to go with my new decor pillows. Once all the pieces are put into place, I'm certain we'll love it. The jury is out until then... but AT LEAST I like it better than the dark green (my hubby - typical male with desired dungeon/dark color tastes - thinks differently, so I'm hoping to pull it all together soon so maybe he'll say that he likes it). Only time will tell.

We wore ourselves out last night... from cleaning up after the major project conducted by some guys we hired (more on that later - we opened up our layout a little in the house from the living room to the kitchen), to starting the second coat of paint in the guest room, to completing the second coat of paint, to cleaning up our mess post painting, to putting everything back in its place in the guest room, to cleaning the floors from the mess of painting and the previous project of the day, to attempting to get some rest (much after midnight) - we are worn out!

But I'll say this, changes are definitely happening at the McGoo house... I cannot wait to have it all complete and post many photos, complete with some before & after shots. Today we are getting a dishwasher installed... goodbye "roll-able, must plug into the wall and hook to the facet dishwasher" that took up tons of square footage in our kitchen - hello modern dishwasher that will go UNDER the counter (novel idea)!

We will definitely have to have an open house party or something of the sort to show off our casa once all the changes are complete. Looking forward to that day.

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