Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I am overwhelmed by the love my God and my husband have for me tonight. Tonight I know what it means when the Bible talks about husbands loving their wives as Christ loved the church. God loves me beyond measure, in a way that is often hard for me to comprehend. I am reminded about this love when I see the cross... that Jesus died there for me! And I've been blessed so much in that my husband is a beautiful tangible example of that love for me here on earth!

Let me explain how it went down...
I went straight from work to The Shot Nurse to receive multiple vaccines and have lab work done for necessary titers for school. After spending $303 on such activities (OUCH!), I found myself light headed and on the verge of blacking out. Being cognizant of what was going on, I told the nurse and they laid me down, gave me a bottle of water and made me chill there until my color came back to my face. (ps. the idea of giving a shot is so much better for me than receiving them, or having blood drawn in multiple tubes). After I passed the "I'm alright" test, I left The Shot Nurse to head home.

In my mind what awaited me at home was a loving hubby, two cute furbabies, and a laundry list of to do's. I knew we had to work on finishing the priming of the guest room, read some for school, and possibly begin the first coat of paint by trimming the room out. I arrived home and visited with my hubby for a bit... somewhere in the midst of the discussion, I hit a wall and broke down... tears, feelings of being totally overwhelmed, being tired, neck/shoulder pain that had begun Monday, and ultimately an emotional breakdown ensued.

Lovingly my hubby comforted me and let me know it was all okay. He then suggested nonchalantly that we take a night off, we forget the priming tonight and mess with it another night. Through my tears, I resisted a bit, talking about all the necessary to do's, and how things need to get done... to which my hubby asked me to trust him and ensured me that everything would be alright and he would take care of it. I agreed, and my hubby suggested that I go get into my comfy sweats and begin to relax.

I did what he asked, slowly feeling better every step along the way. Once I changed into my favorite sweats, I came back to the couch and made myself right at home. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. "Baby, someone is at the door! Are you expecting someone?"

My hubby made his way, answered the door, and before I knew it, our amazing massage therapist friend, Jeanne walked into our home. She smiled at me, and I began to realize what was going on!

My hubby had scheduled a 1hr surprise home massage for me (he planned in on Monday) and I was blessed to enjoy every single minute of it. God could not have orchestrated a better night, better time to make this happen and my man was the vessel God used to smile upon me. I love my husband and was made to feel so special tonight. Not to mention I've had some intense neck/shoulder pain since Monday and Jeanne did some magic on that tonight.

Here's to sleeping wonderfully tonight, loving my husband, and being overwhelmed by my husband's love for me (a reflection of Christ's love for me too)! Thank you God! Praising You tonight for such a treat, knowing EXACTLY what I needed right when I needed it!!!


Brittany @ GreyGreyDesigns said...

How CUTE is he?!? Adorable.

Frank Bryant said...

And the bar is raised a little higher. Thanks, Kelly.

Tabitha Harder said...

Nice job Kelly!! Glad you got some much deserved rest girl :)

Candace Joseph said...

Wow! And I thought I was spoiled! You go K and glad you had some much needed relief H :)

Mrs. McGoo said...

YES, it was awesome!

Meredith Smith said...

ooh, i want one of those! hum, I guess Kelly is "THAT" guy as well- hehe!!! yeah for awesome godly husbands!

Mr. McGoo said...

OK. Cute? Whaaa?

Frank...what have you done for Terri lately? ;)