Friday, March 19, 2010

In Awe: Story #3

I've already mentioned in Story#1 and Story#2 that God has been at work in regards to our pursuit of the short term mission trip to Ethiopia. We have been in awe at the way the Lord has had His hand all upon this process thus far.

To add icing to the cake we had another experience Thursday morning that just seemed to say that God is all over this!

We received a post on our Facebook account Thursday morning from the wife of the founder of The Forsaken Children who is currently living in Ethiopia with her husband and two children. They are there in Addis Abada working with some of the same children we'll be involved with this summer. Karyn Bridges posted the photo below on our Facebook page with the following comment:

Hey Guys! This is Desselign. He is the guard at a compound in our Ethiopian village. If you believe in signs this one would be a good one, huh?

Did you notice his shirt?

More Ethiopia tidbits:
According to the BBC, Ethiopia is Africa's oldest independent country. Apart from a five-year occupation by Mussolini's Italy, it has never been colonized.

Ethiopia is one of Africa's poorest states. Almost two-thirds of its people are illiterate. The economy revolves around agriculture, which in turn relies on rainfall. The country is one of Africa's leading coffee producers.

According to Wikipedia, the Flag of Ethiopia (shown above) is a flag that was adopted on February 6, 1996. The three traditional colors (green, yellow and red) date back to Emperor Menelik (1889-1913) and were first used in a flag in 1895. The current flag and emblem were adopted after the defeat of the Marxist Mengistu regime (in power from 1974-1991).

I love how they describe the many components of the flag... The emblem is intended to represent both the diversity and unity of the country. Blue represents peace, the star represents diversity and unity, and the sun's rays symbolize prosperity. The green recalls the land and hope for the future, yellow stands for peace and love, and red is symbolic of strength.

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Kelly said...

Love the sweatshirt :) How crazy.