Saturday, March 20, 2010


I'm not Super Woman. I cannot do it all.

Really no surprise, the statements above... I know everyone knows them to be true, however lately, I've been living life like I think I'm Super Woman or think I can do it all.

I have fallen into a trap that I've seen before - the trap of over commitment and believing I'm Super Woman. I can tell when it has happened when I look down at my schedule and see there is something everyday, usually two or three things a day, and never a moment to catch up. I usually succeed at this type activity for a time, but like with every superhero - a villain or "Kryptonite" is not far away. My kyrptonite shows when I begin to lack adequate rest and time to take care of myself, time when I begin to have a breakdown and realize, I am not as strong as I must think I am, and I must set limits!

This Friday I began to set those limits, admitting that I could not and cannot do it all. Admitting that unless a limit or two is set, I will hit rock bottom and not have the energy to give my husband, my family, my friends, or my coworkers. Rock bottom consists of being drained in every regard: physically, emotionally, and most harmful - spiritually. Even though I want to do it all - when you have work, school, husband, mission trip, church, friends, family, study needs, house cleaning, dogs, home repairs, working out, cooking, reading, driving to and fro, NCAA basketball, birthdays, weddings, wedding showers, baby showers, etc, etc etc - - there are times when the answer has to be no - sometimes because of a scheduling conflicts, and other times just for a moment's breath and much needed rest.

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Oatsvall Team said...

amen sister ... i have to remind myself everyday to do only what God wants for me to do and not say YES to every good thing ... blessings