Monday, March 15, 2010

Raising Support

You might be wondering what this meter or fund raising looking thermometer is for that you see in this post and even more specifically on the right of my blog page. This thermometer is something that you will see on my blog until June, when my hubby and I travel to Ethiopia for missions. It will track our raised support progress over the next several months.

We are joining a team from our church, Central Church, to serve an organization in Ethiopia called The Forsaken Children. In order to make this trip possible, Mr. McGoo and I are on the hunt and praying for over $6000 of support to be raised by our trip dates: June 12-19.

The cost of the trip alone amounts to $6,000 for the two of us ($3000 each) and then there are costs associated with multiple vaccinations needed prior to departure, updating our passports, and possibly buying items for the children we will be serving if the monies are available.

Support letters are going out this week via snail mail and email.

In addition, we have created a Facebook Group. If you're interested in joining the group or sharing it with others, search for "Ethopia Bound McGoo's" and request an invitation to join. We will post updates on our financial needs and successes, as well as how the team is preparing for our journey.

We are looking for folks to become ministry partners with us... folks that want to join our team... although we are the ones going, we need folks on the team that will send us there by either financially or prayerfully supporting us.

Mr. McGoo equated it to a NASCAR racing team (I know, surprising he even thought about NASCAR, UFrank must be wearing off on him)... although there is a driver on the track, who often gets the recognition for his/her accomplishments, the reality is an entire team stands behind that driver. An entire team makes the race/the mission possible. Without the team, the driver would not succeed. Likewise, although we are the ones GOING to Ethiopia to serve the street children of Addis Ababa, we need an entire team of folks behind us. Will you become part of that team?

We're so excited to see what the Lord does through this entire experience! Info on how to support will be in the support letters going out, as well as on the Facebook group page. Donations are tax exempt.

Questions? Email us on this topic at

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Frank Bryant said...

So, how much of a pledge would buy a picture of Kelly in his Jayhawk gear holding a blank page in front of him?

(It's so difficult to match the text color and style using photoshop.)