Thursday, March 18, 2010

In Awe: Story #1

Prior to turning in our short term mission trip application for Ethiopia, I knew in my heart that the Lord was going to provide for our trip. I knew He had legitimately put the calling on my heart to care for the "least of these" (Matthew 25:31-46) and was beginning to work in my hubby's heart in a big way also... that God had said GO this summer... and later I knew that Ethiopia was the trip I was supposed to be on... and that He'd show my hubby if he should go or wait until the next time... I KNEW... but still, the past few days I find myself in AWE of our God. No other way to describe it... I am in AWE of His MAJESTY...

Let me give you some cool testimonies of the work our Father has been doing over the last several weeks...

Story#1 -
Mr. McGoo and I had talked about looking into going on a mission trip together this summer prior to Central Church putting out their short term mission (STM) trip options. We have never been on one before together - I have never been on one outside of the country and Mr. McGoo has never been period. Before Central posted their scheduled trips, the Lord began to work on me regarding orphans, widows, and our duty as believers. I began to know that whatever trip I wanted to attend, it would be working with children and orphans in some shape or form. And then the STM listings came out - - - Guatemala or Ethiopia were the choices. After some prayer and time, the calling for Ethiopia began to become more evident... from reading the book my hubby had gotten me for Christmas, When God Stood Up: A Christian Response to AIDS in Africa to having a heart for Africa for years to writing blog posts like the ones here and here... Ethiopia was the trip.

Then Mr. McGoo became aware of some Study Abroad opportunities for his schooling - the trips would be very productive, very interesting, and would help to excel his graduation date - - - although Mr. McGoo still had an interest in the STM trip, we decided it best for us in the long run to pursue separate trips - me to Ethiopia, he to study abroad. I began praying that God would open up and close doors as He saw fit and desired. I prayed that a particular study abroad trip would succeed because it was exactly what Mr. McGoo would love to do. I prayed!

Days before the STM applications were due, Mr. McGoo got word that his most desired trip was canceled due to little pursuit by other students... and later that day he also received another call that the second study abroad opportunity had filled to its limit and Mr. McGoo could not be admitted. The professor of the full study abroad program stated that Mr. McGoo's application was the strongest of all, but due to him also pursing the other study abroad trip, they had to admit other students that first inquired about theirs... Uhhhh... sign?

We took it as the Lord working and closing doors as He saw fit... so Mr. McGoo applied for the STM trip to Ethiopia with his Mrs. --- praying that God would provide.

Story #2 coming on the next post. Here is some fun fast facts about Ethiopia, as well as a small geography lesson below.

Fast Facts about Ethiopia from NationalGeographic.Com
Population: 77,431,000
Capital: Addis Ababa; 2,723,000
Area: 1,133,380 square kilometers (437,600 square miles)
Language: Amharic, Tigrinya, Orominga, Guaraginga, Somali, Arabic
Religion: Muslim, Ethiopian Orthodox, animist
Currency: Birr
Life Expectancy: 42
GDP per Capita: U.S. $700
Literacy Percent: 43

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