Thursday, July 9, 2009

a WEEK in the Making

It has been an eventful, fun, and extremely busy week already and it will continue AT LEAST until next Thursday, July 16th. I'm not complaining because I've definitely enjoyed the fun and entertaining stuff, but I am starting to hit that point of running on empty. BH (Before husband), I was a woman that never stopped: activity after activity, event after event, I was similar to the Energizer Bunny... keeps going, and going, and going. The only thing that would stop me was my body. I'd go so hard and so often for multiple weeks without rest and relaxation that my body would finally scream NOOOOO and I'd get sick to take me down for the count. It was like my body said, "Okay, I tried to tell you to stop and rest, you wouldn't, so I'm going to make you!" It was a cyclical way of life for me. A busy busy bee life.

And then the hubby came into my life, he ran on something we call "Kelly time". It was his own beat and his own timing for things. He knew the way of settling down and relaxing a bit to make sure you are running on a full tank. He began to teach me how to compromise into a life less Energizer Bunny like, but not necessarily tortoise like either. We began to build a life a bit more balance than the one I lived BH. He slowed me down a bit, and I sped him up a bit. And that's the life we now live.

This week however has transported me back into Energizer Bunny mode, and my balanced nature is screaming for a night of nothing... okay, maybe a glass of wine and a book.

It started with my boss and some other sales folks at work being on vacation all week. This means my work load is extremely increased for the week. Combine that and our schedule of activities (see below) and you have a week of running full speed ahead EVERY DAY for an extended period.

Monday: Work, Bunko 630-9pm
Tuesday: Work, Dinner with my hubby and littlest sis, and a 730pm showing of Wicked at the Orepheum, which by the way was absolutely AMAZING!!!
Wednesday: Work, Kickball Game at 730pm, in between the two I got a wild hair and completely rearranged one of the guest bedrooms
Thursday: Work, Jessica Harp concert on Beale at 730pm for the Country on Beale***

Friday: Work, Our niece comes to stay with us around 12pm, Possible dinner engagement with the family
Saturday: Niece staying with us, UFC Fight Night at a friend's house
Sunday: Niece staying with us, Sunday School & Church
Monday: Work, Niece staying with us
Tuesday: Traveling to Nashville
Wednesday: Work, Kickball Game

Needless to say, we have lots going on. ***Thankfully tonight, I decided to put bow out of the concert on Beale Street and instead sent my hubby and littlest sis out on their own. I had a long day at the office, and it's probably best that I have some down time to myself. It'll be best for everyone. So now I'm enjoying a BudLight with lime, some blogging time, House on TV, and a quiet night with the pups.

Note: And EVEN after a necessary night of "nothing" to relax and recoup, I STILL slept through my alarm this morning or turned it off unbeknown to myself and slept until 7:03, ran out the door to work by 7:08 to arrive at 7:33am. I was tired! Still am.


Frank Bryant said...

Something tells me that you haven't changed Kelly as much as he has slowed you down. take the weekend off girl! Kelly won't mind.

BMS said...

I love that Kelly and your sister can entertain themselves! I can't imagine Lynds and Ryan going out by themselves!
PS-I love love love "BH!"

Mr. McGoo said...

Is UFrank suggesting that I take on my niece all by myself? Did he see how he grandchildren ran roughshot over me with the Backyardigans? That was a night, this is 4 days!

Mr. McGoo said...

Oh, and Brit...

Freckles and I hang out quite often...she keeps me young and hip...what with me going to college and all. We went to Redbirds game Monday night and Jessica Harp last night. Got to keep sharp.