Friday, May 14, 2010

Crawfish Boil for a Cause Success!

As I've mentioned, I don't know, maybe one or two times (he he), we hosted a fundraiser on Saturday, May 8th that was titled: Crawfish Boil for a Cause. This event supported worldwide missions in Ethiopia, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic... as six people in our Sunday School class, including ourselves, are traveling this summer to share the love of Christ.

We could NOT have asked for a more gorgeous day for the event, and the Lord blessed us immensely with generous friends, family, and even strangers that attended, sent donations along with others, and helped make the entire thing a HUGE SUCCESS! Mr. McGoo and I cannot thank everyone enough for their support and encouragement all along the way!

Here's a little breakdown of how it all went down...

On Friday, Mr. McGoo and I ran around (him during the day, me on my lunch break and after work hours) getting things ready for the big day. We bought supplies, borrowed tables, tents, boilers, and the like. We filled up a truck and a van full of items to prep us for the following day.

Saturday morning we picked up the last minute items and made our way to Mr. McGoo's brother and sister in law's house (Kevin & Leah) - where the festivities would be hosted. We set up (photos below) in preparation for the folks that would come starting at 2pm. We put up tents, tables, covered tables with table clothes, set up the silent auction table, put drinks on ice, began prepping the crawfish for their meeting with the boilers later in the day, posted signs, set up lawn games, etc. There was plenty to do and we accomplished it all in about 3 hours.

Starting at 2pm the folks began to trickle in... we had a blast! Lots of food, lots of great people, good music thanks to Mr. McGoo's HUGE specially made ipod playlist for the day, some yard games, and some wonderful donated items to bid on during the silent auction. From what I could count, I'd guess we had over 70 people there (not counting the kiddos running around, because there were plenty of them!)

The crawfish was UBER yummy and at times they were HUGE!

Once we counted our expenses and subtracted that from the total, and considering the crawfish was DONATED by two rock star people in our lives, the Crawfish Boil for a Cause brought in right about

$1500 for worldwide missions!!!

That's amazing! God provided in some big ways! The silent auction alone brought in over $500! Whoo hoo!!!

In addition to the money that was raised for the three different organizations (The Forsaken Children in Ethiopia, Aqua Viva Children's Home in Guatemala, and the Baseball Camp/Medical Missions Trip by Score International in the Dominican Republic), we received multiple tangible donations that Mr. McGoo and I will be able to take with us to Ethiopia and give to the organization we're going to work with - items such as Vaseline, band aids, hydrogen peroxide, latex gloves, pens, pencils, erasers, etc. People were so generous and we are SO THANKFUL!

Let me say this, we could not have pulled the event off without he help of our brother, Kevin and sister in law, Leah! They opened their home up to the 70+ people and played a wonderful host! The yard looked amazing, as always, and their place couldn't have been a better set up for the event. We cannot thank Kevin & Leah enough for your love, support, and generosity!!! Thank you!

I'm beginning to learn and understand more and more how this journey to Ethiopia has nothing to do with me. The money brought in thus far has not been about me or Mr. McGoo... God knew from the start how much He'd bring to the table through the love and generosity of others! He knew how much this boil would raise and how it would bless others! God knows what children we will minister to in Ethiopia this June even before we get there. It's not about what I'm going to do or how I'm going to do it - it's about God's glory and sharing the love of Christ to others... it's about fulfilling my calling in Christ - to be the hands and feet of Jesus - loving others! I'm just excited to be along for the ride!

Something to keep in mind - the McGoo's are talking about making this an annual event to raise funds for a worthy cause. We'll see what next year holds! Thanks again!

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