Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Thankfulness

For some, especially those married, the holidays can bring about a stress. Where will we go for Thanksgiving, can we see both families during the holiday? What about Christmas, will we see both during that time? Do we do Christmas Eve at one place? What about Christmas day? But they want to see us, and what about them? Can we make it to both, or all? Etc.

Questions like the above are asked by many. Will we see his side of the family, will we see hers? Will we see both, or just one? It can be a struggle. I've heard many friends and family go through these questions with a stress and concern. They want to make sure everyone feels loved and they also have their own desires of where they want to be and when. It can be hard.

I am so thankful for my setup. What a blessing. I find myself stress free right before Thanksgiving, looking forward to celebrating my thankfulness for my family and friends.

Kelly and I set up the "program" from the point of our engagement... and I've been so thankful for the stress free nature of it all. We are blessed with a family that does not pressure us. Sure they want to see us, but they understand that the holidays can be a juggling act, and they want what's best for us!

What's the plan we go by? Thanksgiving in KY, Christmas at home. Always (well, until kids come into the picture, I hear that rearranges something, okay, lots of things). We'll talk another day about Christmas, it'll be here before we know it. For now, I'll discuss Thanksgiving.

Kelly's mom, grandparents, aunt, cousins and some siblings live in Lexington, KY. I love making our yearly trip up there for Thanksgiving. The weather is usually cold, and the leaves have either fully changed colors or began to fall. I feel right at home, and enjoy the time to catch up with my in-laws. Good eats and great company makes for lack of room to complain.

We leave tomorrow for our visit. We'll arrive late Wednesday night and stay until Sunday evening. My posting might be limited (or non existent) until we return.

For now here is a pic from my first Thanksgiving in Kentucky, the year we got engaged, 2006.

Left to right: Randy (cousin, now married - can't wait to meet his wife, Meredith), Myself, Kelly, Aunt Terri (Randy's mom), and Laurie (my mother in law)


Robin said...

Your hair looks cute that length...just thought I would let you know :)

Mrs. McGoo said...

Thanks sis. Those type of tidbits can only help. :)