Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Bad Habit Continues

NEWS FLASH: The nasty bad habit has not been broken! With many days, and a week's worth of success, Dexter has done it again! I first posted my gross concern about my not so little puppy on October 21st, and today, 14 days later, I cannot say that he is eating poop free. He has had a relapse! Yuck!

For days, and a little over a week we have watched Dexter's every move. Each time we've let him outside to do his thing, we stand alert and pay much attention to his "tee tee, and poo poo" time. I've worked hard on congratulating him and praising him each time he poo'd, letting him know pooing outside was a great thing and mommy is happy with him when he does it that way. However, I've also had to yell "NO!!!!" a couple times to keep him from turning fully around and chomping on the stuff he just left in the yard. AHHH!

But it's worked, even if I've had to yell and get his attention that it wasn't okay to eat his poo. He was making progress, right?

And then it happened... I looked away for a couple seconds and CHOMP, the disgusting, nasty event occurred again. GRRRRR!

And then yesterday, Monday morning happened... read the excerpt to my sister Robin, who owns Dexter's sister:

"Dex ATE HIS POOP AGAIN! gross. What's his deal? It's disgusting. I'm going to have to call the vet today and get some help. I can't watch him every single moment. And today he pooped in the house & gobbled it up before Kelly could grab him. :( nasty nasty boy."

To my amusement and surprise, Robin quickly responded to my nauseating news flash:

"OH MY GOODNESS!!! Maeby totally pooped in the house this morning and Brent caught her right as she started eating it!!! I meant to tell you!!! UGH...my dog does it too...she just doesn't usually get the chance because we take her out on the leash. I think she's done it more than once in the house and then ate it. EWW. If you figure out a solution PLEASE tell me too! Gross, Gross, dogs."

So what's the deal, huh?I called the vet. I cannot stand it anymore.

Here is what they told me. It's just a habit that needs to be broken!

They suggest buying some Adolph Meat Tenderizer, putting it into Dexter's food 30 minutes before he eats it. Do this for about 2-3 weeks and it should help break the habit. Apparently the meat tenderizer makes his poop taste bad.

AGAIN, doesn't poop taste bad anyway?! Even to a dog???

I'm hoping this works because this has got to stop, Dex is a licker, and I can't have a licker eating poo and trying to lick me! YUCK!

Ps. I asked my sis if I was allowed to post her email on my blog. Here was her reply, "for sure. tell everyone that our dogs are gross :)"

Problem is, they are sooo cute too. Check out these young photo's of them. Awwwww....


Elian said...

Must be a Wilson thing. Is this an inherited trait?

Seriously, this is the most disgusting thing ever. I get nauseous when I read stuff like this.

Britt said...

Oh girl--so many dogs do that. My parents' dog is the queen of it. Her breath always smells disgusting but she is SO sweet that its hard to make her get away from you!

Kel said...

Thanks for not writing on your blog how I gagged like a sissy and had to stand over a sink for 10 minutes while I dry heaved.

Anonymous said...

Grosssssssss... It makes me gag!

- Mom

Kelly said...

Kel - Don't worry, Elian gags at Lexi's poopy diaper and practically REFUSES to change her. Men could never handle being a mom. Poor Lexi had diarrhea all week, and when she shat out of her diaper all the way up to her shoulder blades, who cleaned her and her clothes up? Mama. Sorry, Heather, looks like you will be changing all the poopy diapers in your household too!

Mrs. McGoo said...

NO Kelly! Do not put things in my hubby's head... if Kel and I make a baby one day, it's his baby as much as mine. I dry heave too... so we'll both have to forge thru. I won't accept it. ;) he he.