Thursday, January 7, 2010

Trucking Along in 2010

2010 has already been good, productive, and fun....

I began the new year by spending time with my hubby and some friends. We had our annual NYE festivities that consist of a good dinner out (Owen Brennan's this time around) and an "after party" together until the ball drops. Last year, when the ball dropped we learned after screaming HAPPY NEW YEAR that one of the couples were pregnant with their first child. Now that their adorable, handsome son is six months old, this year we were curious if any surprises might happen again. And oh did they....a few minutes before the countdown, we had some toasts and the final toast turned into a PROPOSAL! Heck yeah,.... more friends going to the chapel.

Here is a photo of the good looking, NEWLY engaged couple. This one was taken at dinner before the Mrs. To Be had a clue what would happen later that night. 2010 will bring a marriage into their lives.

Here is a photo of another good looking, engaged couple that also attended the festivities. They should be Mr. & Mrs. by the end of April. Very exciting.

And here is a photo of me and the hubby. Check out my fabulous necklace, I have matching earrings on too... they were Christmas gifts from my Mother In Law. Love them! They'll look even better as I hopefully become less pasty once winter is over. Happy New Year!

Since our New Year's festivities, we've gotten a Wii and played multiple games of Wii tennis, hosted the Bunko Divas, gone on a date to eat The BBQ Shop together and see Sherlock Holmes (VERY GOOD - go see it!), started working out with Jillian Michaels and the Wii Fit, and visited with friends for dinner and rooting on the Tigers vs Syracuse (grrr. We lost.) Tonight I'm enjoying a Mrs. McGoo night (hubby is out with the boys for the football game tonight), complete with blogging, balancing the checkbook, reading, TV show viewing, and going to be early. I'm enjoying it already.

The Bunko Divas were a hoot as usual. Here are a few of my favorite photos from Monday's festivities with dice. BIG BUNKO!!!

We've already established that I'm a dork, so I'll explain this first photo... I went ahead and made the point counter cards for the ladies since I was hosting, and congratulated our two newest engaged divas: Erin Marie & Tina while I was at it.

Oh and the red ear warmer/headband thing all the girls are wearing - that's for those that got a Big Bunko... more reason why I'm flashing #2 up in my photo... it was my 2nd go around. BIG BUNKO!

So it's been a typical busybee McGoo style year from the start... oh, and on Saturday... I begin school (more on that later).

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