Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 3 w/Jillian Michaels

Today was a day when I almost messed up. I almost skipped day 3 of the Jillian Micheals workout.

My hubby wasn't in bed until after 12:30am because he was watching the National Championship game with the boys elsewhere... so he was super tired and I was awoken at 12:30am when he arrived in bed. When the alarm went off this morning, I could hear his heavy breathing; I enjoyed the warmth of my bed; and just thought about it... do I really want to do this? Wouldn't it be nice to sleep another 20 minutes? Wouldn't my hubby want to sleep too? Maybe I shouldn't wake him?

I leaned over to my man, shoved him a bit and whispered, "do you want to workout?" He responded, "yes, but I don't want to get up". Thankfully that was the only encouragement I needed. I got a little pep in my step, turned on the lights, threw open his covers and got up to set the stage for our workout.

We completed Day 3 w/Jillian Michaels. Whoo hoo!
I'm pretty sure tomorrow and Sunday will be non 30-day Shred days... instead we'll take to doing some Wii Yoga... but the plan is to be back in the saddle with Jillian bright and early Monday morning.
Bring on Day 4.


Kelly said...

Look at that will power!

Mr. McGoo said...

It's Wii power tomorrow and Sunday.

You should try opening up yours sometime.

Kelly said...

Opened it last night :) Just have the Sports game and Mario Kart right now, tho.