Friday, January 29, 2010

Crazy Weather & Workout 17.5

In true Memphis fashion, the weathermen predict snow and the reality is mostly ice. Today we watched as sleet, icy rain, rain, and minimal snow covered the skies of Memphis and it's surrounding areas. What is left tonight is wet, slushy streets and a dropping temperature with the sun disappearing for the night. I suspect that means sheets of ice to greet us in the morning.

That same prediction seems to be an area wide thought, as I just found out that my school is closed tomorrow, thus meaning I will not have my first exam as planned. Yay for a relaxing evening with my hubby instead of studying, but boo for another week of thinking about an upcoming exam rather than feeling the relief of completion.

Last night my hubby said he was starting to feel under the weather and we learned that the University of Memphis was already scheduled for closing today... so we decided it best that my man sleep in this morning and not wake for our weekday scheduled workout. Before bed I served him a glass of OJ along with two NyQuil and wished him goodnight. Being on my own this morning, I did a 6 minute warm-up and an 18 minute Yoga workout through The Biggest Loser Wii game. It felt good. My man and I plan on making up our day of the 30Day Shred on Sunday as long as he is feeling better.

Tonight we plan on enjoying some Chinese Take-Out (thankful for delivery in this nasty weather) and a warm snuggle under our heated throw blanket I got for Christmas.

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