Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 4 w/Jillian Michaels

I mentioned that the hubby and I would change things up a bit over the weekend, rather than continuing with Jillian's 30 day shred. It was a great change of pace and I think it helped renew us for this morning's 30day Shred, Day 4.

Saturday I took on The Biggest Loser's Light Yoga routine on Wii. 18 minutes worth of yoga and it burned, but felt oh so good! My man took it up a notch and tackled The Biggest Loser's Intermediate Yoga routine on Wii. He had some extra moves (harder moves too) and the routine lasted a full 27 minutes. Rock on!!!

This morning we ventured into Day 4 of Jillian's 30 day Shred. I'm loving how awake I am on my way to work now that I do these short workouts. I felt better during the cardio stage this morning, but the strength stage still burns like crazy. Circuit 1 is always the worst. You start off with strength and strength consists of PUSH-UPS - ouch and I cannot remember the other part of it. But we do 1min worth of push-ups, 30 seconds of something else strength related, and then another 1 minute of push-ups and the other thingy for 30 seconds. A total of 3 minutes straight with strength. Talk about starting off strong and feeling the burn. Gets me every time. Push-ups are no fun.

So day 4 down. Day 5 to go!
I'm so proud of my man. He isn't in school right now (starts back up on the 14th), so he doesn't HAVE to get up early, but he still gets up at 630am with me to do the workouts. Thanks honey! You encourage me to keep working!


asconway said...

So proud and jealous. We are busy every night this week (when we usually go to the gym) so I considered getting up at 5:15 this am to shred, but sleep won out.

Elian said...

I'm impressed with the both of you. If you figure out how to bottle motivation, I'll buy it.