Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 13 w/Jillian Michaels

This morning as we were working out to our 30 Day Shred, I believe I heard something along these words come out of "my trainer's" mouth... "I want you to gurgle your heart"?! Now I could be completely wrong, the intense burning sensation felt in my legs at the time and arms might have led me astray on this verbiage, but I promise something was said about the heart and possibly girgling it. Maybe my man, who was working out by my side will remember specifically to confirm or deny accordingly.

Needless to say, workout #3 on Interval 2 is now complete and I'm feeling it. The ab workout on this interval is much more intense than what we saw in Interval 1, but I love it! Today marks 2.5 full weeks of waking up early during the work week to workout. I truly believe we're better because of it.

We'll see Day 14 on Monday. This weekend The Biggest Loser Wii Yoga will call my name. Happy Friday - have a great weekend!

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Mr. McGoo said...

That is correct. She did say that.