Friday, January 22, 2010

A Word and Other Randomness

If you desire to "hear a Word" today... you have to read Katie's blog post for Friday, January 22nd. Go here to read it. This young woman's walk with God challenges me beyond belief and for that I am thankful. She is putting true faith into action on a daily basis.

Today marks 8 days left in the ABC Challenge. I'm so excited to see what some of the outcomes will be of collecting our pocket change for 30 days (End Date Jan 30th). I have had two people give me full bags of coins already, to which I have been so thankful. I haven't counted my own change, or those bags that have been given to me, so it'll be a neat surprise to count it up next week or so and see how much work can be done with what has been collected. I'm so thankful and encouraged by the people that have heard the calling to step outside of ourselves and our selfishness and take notices as to how we can assist others. Very cool.

In other completely non-related randomness... today I heard on the radio that the Iphone now has an application for translating a baby's cry... did you hear me? A PHONE APP for translating a baby's cry. Now I know that I'm not a mother and have never had to figure out why a baby was crying really... or have never been so frustrated when I've tried everything and the baby still cries... but a PHONE APP? Seriously? I'm sorry but this is probably one of the most silly and stupid things I have ever heard of. I've heard there are two apps called baby translators for the Iphone. One for $2.99 or something and the other for $39.99. What?! Anyone else think this is crazy and a foolish thing? Or am I off my own rocker on this one?


Kelly said...

Yes, the AP is crazy.

Sarah Turner said...

Crazy! Who needs an App for a baby's cry? Go down the list. Diaper change? Hungry? Need to burp? Hurting? Or the one I love and hear a lot, "Just because I want to".