Monday, January 18, 2010

An Eventful Weekend

Our weekend started out with something special, fun, and out of the norm. Friday night we were able to actually enjoy the gift we got my Daddy for his birthday (back in November). My hubby and I, along with my mom and youngest sister purchased tickets to the Brian Regan show here at the Orpheum theater. We knew the gift would be delayed, the show not being until January, but felt like it would be a perfect night out for Dad and good "non tie or sweater" gift for his birthday.

We had a great time. We first went to dinner at The Majestic Grille to enjoy some grub and good conversation and then made our way to the Orpheum to enjoy some laughs. Brian Regan was great. My hubby had never seen or heard him before. I had heard some of his stuff on cd, but had never seen a live show before (for any comedian), so it was an exciting night. We had some good laughs and some good jokes/stories to talk about later in the night and even throughout the weekend. It was a fun time, and I'm pretty sure Dad enjoyed it, which is most important since it was for him.

Saturday for me consisted of getting up at the same time I do every weekday morning... 620am the alarm sounded and it was time to get up for school. Two weeks down and it's going well (no tests yet, ask me again after I experience one of those in a few weeks), but getting up at 620am on a Saturday hasn't gotten any easier yet. There is just SOMETHING about it, something about my mind knowing it's a Saturday and I should be able to sleep to 8am or so that gets me. It's a struggle, but I've gotten up each time with time to spare to pick up a cup of coffee along the way.

On Sunday, probably the most interesting thing of the weekend happened... our bed broke. Oh yea, lovely huh? The bed will not be 3 years old until March 31st and it BROKE. My hubby was being so sweet, getting up to take the dogs out of the room so they wouldn't bother me for an extra 30 minutes or hour of sleep, but as he got up... KAAABLAAAMMMMM! The bed tilted to one side... "ARE YOU OKAY?! WHAT HAPPENED?" is what came out of my mouth as a sat up as quick as possible. Yuppers... turns out one of the rails broke. The rails have a metal piece within them that then slides into the headboard or foot board accordingly to connect all pieces together... well the metal piece stripped through the wood completely, broken. Freak accident. We had to completely take the bed apart to take the pressure off the parts of the bed that were not broken. When we took the broken rail to the furniture store to show them and order our new rails, they said they've never seen that before. So my guess is that the wood was splintered or cracked internally from the very beginning and over the last couple years, that metal piece has been moving more and more towards freedom and a broken bed.

Oh yeah, the warehouse isn't open on Sundays or today (MLK Day)... so we've been sleeping with a mattress on the floor and will again tonight before we get our bed put back together on Tuesday. Oh the joys of randomness!

While we were out purchasing our new bed rails, we also picked up curtains for our bedroom. We put them up last night and I'm already loving them (camera phone picture to the right from when we were at the store trying to decide). Not only do they shut out the light wonderfully from the next door neighbors home, but they also add some additional colors to our room. Now for project "make a pillow to accentuate". We'll see how that goes.

Happy Monday!

Ps. Our super talented friend, James Joseph worked diligently as Mr. Do It All on a FREE album that just hit the internet. Check out his work and enjoy:


Brittany @ GreyGreyDesigns said...

That happened to some friends of mine too! Just be glad neither of the dogs was under there! HA!

Mr. McGoo said...

thank goodness Mrs. McGoo didn't mention what was going on to make the bed break. ;)

Larry McGugan said...

Never heard of a bed rail splintering through the head/foot board.