Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 2 w/Jillian Michaels

Okay, so Day 2 of the "30 Day Shred" was the EXACT same workout as Day 1... we will do this workout for 10 days before progressing to the 2nd Interval/Stage. BUT, today - Day 2 hurt a whole lot more than Day 1! My calves burned the moment I woke up this morning... so the more jumping jacks, jump rope motion, and squats that I did during the 20 minute routine, the more I felt my body burn. That's good though... means something is happening! Means I'm working out. Right?

1 day at a time, Mrs. McGoo.
One day at a time.
Day 2 is accomplished.


Mr. McGoo said...

Keep it up baby! We're a team

Janna Leigh said...

That workout is super hard! I think I did it for like 10 days staight and had to take a break... I was unable to move! Good luck:) Maybe I'll try it again...

Erin Marie said...

Yay!! you got it!

BMS said...

You know what's crazy about that workout? the moves are so simple, but it hurts SO BAD!

Mrs. McGoo said...

one day at a time!
Thanks for the encouragement peoples!
one day at a time!

Saturday and/or Sunday will probably be my break time from Jillian's 30 day shred... maybe those will be Wii only days to give some break as well as a change of pace.