Sunday, December 13, 2009

Thankful for Day Planners

This past week has been a WEEK... seriously filled with crazy busy-ness! I would say that "it's that time of the year"... but I do not want to resign to the idea that it HAS to be that way! I want to find a way to pursue a worldview where the season of Christmas is more known for Christ's birth, joyful songs, the fun fellowship, family, love, and great eats, rather than getting sucked into the busy nature and staying on the run. I want my family, especially when kids come along to know that Christmas is a time of fellowship and togetherness where we celebrate the birth of our Savior. This year, I'm not sure that I have accomplished that task. I have found our schedules packed full and although most of the things we have going on are all "good" things, piling too much on our plate can quickly turn into a stressful thing rather than having availability to bask in the blessing of the events at hand.

Don't get me wrong, we're TOTALLY enjoying all the activities going on right now... extremely blessed to be a part of them and be surrounded by so many awesome people. It's fabulous once we get to the event and are able to enjoy them, but the hustle and bustle of getting to and fro is when you can start to say, "wait, am I really stopping enough to acknowledge the great reason for this whole holiday? Am I spending adequate time with my family during this time?" We're living and learning, and I want to do better at carving out the time needed for me and my hubby; for me and my family; for me and my closest friends... not forgetting to stop together and praising God for the blessings He's given us.

So back to our busy week, and week to come... (some extra posts coming soon on some of the festivities, providing some pictures and all)...

In addition to having festivities after work throughout every weekday this past week, we had my awesome Company Christmas Party Friday night, Bible study with a girlfriend Saturday morning, wrapped some presents, hungout with my rents from 4-8pm Saturday, dropped my man off to watch the UFC fights with friends while I decided to go home and clean houes a bit before crashing after a full day, church today, then a surprise engagement party for Erin Marie & Johnny (CONGRATS!!!!), and a Christmas dinner with friends tonight! Tomorrow is BUNKO time with the ladies, hopefully using our massage gift certificates on Tuesday, Singing Christmas Tree event with friends on Wednesday, and a few days without activities on the calendar before a wedding to attend Saturday and a Cookie Extravaganza Sunday... the calendar is filling up quickly!

Gotta jet... Friend Christmas Dinner Gathering is calling.... Merry Christmas!


Lisa Marie said...

I'm with ya. I have something every day this week. And I have two things on some days. But, I love it!

Frank Bryant said...

So, are the kids coming along?