Monday, December 21, 2009

Cookie Extravaganza!

Along with three other fabulous ladies, I hosted a Cookie Extravaganza last night. It was an evening of edible sweets swapping, salty appetizer devouring, beverage drinking, and a good time of laughing and visiting with friends.

I believe this was my first "cookie exchange" experience... if I've been to one before, I do not remember for sure. This event was perfect... totally laid back, a group of ladies, good conversation, good laughs, good food, and good drinks. Each lady brings a double batch of their favorite cookie or treat... and then at the end of the night, you walk away with all the delicious treats brought by the group. You swap: I bring one thing and get to walk away with twelve or more other options. Make lots of one, and get multiples of many.

Hostesses: Me, Erin Marie, Lindsey, Emily

For our Cookie Extravaganza, we not only changed the name of the event to give it a more festive feel, but the hostesses also provided salty appetizers for the ladies to enjoy while we visited with each other. What woman could want more... a little salty and a little sweet... gab awhile and eat a treat!? In addition, we asked each gal to label the treats they brought to share. Here is a list of a few of the items we enjoyed: Partridge in a Pear Tree Peanut Butter Sensations, Reindeer Drops; Santa's Strawberry Delight; The $250 Cookie Recipe; She'll Snicker Your Doodle; Santa's Breath Fresheners; Christmas Tree Bark; Reindeer Patties; The Can't Bake Cookies Cookie; and Grandma's Famous Oatmeal Cookies.

I think one of the highlights of the night came about after my dorkiness was put into plan sight. I not only brought our Canon camera to catch photos of the event (not so dorky, more historian like of me... always want to capture a photo of an event... everyone loves photos after the fact to reminisce about the experience), but in light of my desire to catch a group shot of the ladies attending, I also brought my TRIPOD with me... thus equals the dorkiness! Needless to say, this got quite a few laughs... and even caused one of my fellow hostesses to catch a shot of me setting up the trusty tripod. But back to the highlight of the evening... we took quite a few group shots, which was fun... but when the ladies got a chance to go through the photos and see how they turned out - now THAT brought about a load of laughter!

Enjoy the group shots... I think they speak for themselves in regards to the personalities of the ladies involved last night! One of our hostesses is missing in the group shots, as she had to leave a bit early. We missed you, Emily!

And last but not least... I must include a shot of Emily's awesome, yummy, adorable Mini BLT's. I was impressed how their color went with the Christmas theme also.

Merry Christmas!


steve said...

A couple of strange guys almost found there way over to the Cookie Extravaganza....If they had showed up they would have been armed with Chips Ahoy and Oreos to make a swap for some delish homemade cookies....glad my co worker was feeling generous and brought some into her cookie starved counselor :)

Meredith said...

I am still laughing- good times! Thanks for being the cookie picture historian.

Tina said...

SO sad I missed!! Looks like y'all had fun! Crazies:)

Anonymous said...

i am still laughing outloud at the pics!!! ode to mrs. guess :) it was a blast! loving our new cookie extravaganza tradition! ~lindsey

Jeff Brannon said...

I dislike this whole thing..... Where the heck are my cookies!?? You married women should be worried about your single friends this time of the year.

I am putting out a memo for next year....