Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The ABC Challenge 2010

The Amazima Blessing Coin Challenge

aka The ABC Challenge 2010

Step up and start your new year by doing something for someone else in 2010!

So here's the challenge... step up and commit to collecting your CHANGE for 30 days. In addition, challenge yourself to spread the word and get a friend or two to join the challenge. Starting January 1st, collect your change each day until the second to last day of the month, January 30th. On that day, report to the Verbal Vomit blog post about the ABC Challenge, commenting with how much change you were able to collect and will be donating for Amazima Ministries International... free to leave an anonymous comment if you like. Remember, every LITTLE BIT helps... we'll see how a little bit adds up to a lot when multiple folks get involved!!!

How much can we collect in 30 days simply out of change we usually put to the side? Change we usually do not notice. How much could that "little" make a LOT of difference for the orphans of Uganda?

The final step will be to deposit that change into your bank, January 31st, and cut a check to Amazima Ministries, writing "ABC Challenge" in the memo line, and mailing it to Amazima Ministries International, 1694 Autumn Place, Brentwood, TN 37027. If you're not in the mood to go to the bank yourself and live in Memphis, I'll be happy to pick your change up prior to that date - just let me know!

How many checks can they receive from one small challenge? How many lives can be changed by your change? Dare you?!

Check out this video about Amazima Ministries, this shows them IN ACTION:

Why Amazima Ministries? Because they have been laid on my heart and I want to help.

Who is Amazima Ministries? Because they DO SOMETHING and are making a difference in Uganda. I'll let them say it best, from their website: Amazima Ministries International is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit based in Brentwood, TN. Amazima Ministries strives to provide physical, emotional, and spiritual encouragement to those who need it most. In the local language, Luganda, Amazima means "truth". Amazima desires to reveal truth to these children. The truth of a bigger world through education, but more importantly the truth of a God who created them beautiful in His image. A God who loves them, values them and wants the best for them. The truth of death on a cross, unconditional love, and eternity.

Amazima Ministries operates a sponsorship program for 400 orphaned children. These children are provided an education, school supplies, 3 meals a day, and medical care. They are also provided with spiritual encouragement and attend a weekly Bible study/fellowship program.

Another aspect of Amazima Ministries, is the feeding program provided to the displaced Karamojong people of the Masese community. These people are Uganda's poorest and often considered outcasts. A lunch meal is served to over 1,200 children Monday - Friday and a plate of food is sent home for dinner. This allows the children to attend school and not go to the street in town to beg. Also provided is basic medical care, Bible study and general health training.

Above all, Amazima desires that GOD is glorified and people who otherwise have no hope, would place their hope in Him, our Lord and Savior. We pray the our ministry will be a tangible example of a glimpse of Christ love!!

READY?! The challenge has been SET! GO!!!


The Dunlap Family said...

I'm in!! I've already set aside a place to keep my extra change. Thanks for organizing this, Heather!

Tabitha said...

I love this idea. The Harders are in too :)

Sarah Turner said...

Do you mind if I just copy and paste this entry to my blog? I will give you the credit, of course. I am in too!

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Mr & Mrs. McGoo: $16.26

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