Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Never Hear the End of It

People do stupid things all the time, but you know you've done a "really good one" when you realize that you'll "never hear the end of it" from those around you. Such is what I'm experiencing with my Stupid List experience. To best appreciate the following information, you'll want to make sure you've read this post.

"never hear the end of it" example 1: Following the incident of me spilling the beans directly to my hubby about his Christmas gifts, I later sent out another email regarding an additional gift I had gotten for my man. This email was sent to the extended family... to which my brother in law replied to everyone, "We won't tell him if you won't."

"never hear the end of it" example 2: Today I sent an email to my coworkers, letting them know that I would work through lunch (being catered in) and would take my hour after everyone was finished so that I could go to my parents and wrap some of the gifts I had purchased for my hubby for Christmas. Quickly someone replied, "Why wrap them, he already knows what you're getting him!"

Never going to hear the end of it... this is a story we'll tell for a long time, such are the stories of stupidity. Way to go Mrs. McGoo. Let the laughs continue. ha ha.


Sharaze said...

:D Mike will never let me forget one of the first times I made pancakes from scratch and forgot to add salt to the batter. So we had to sprinkle salt over our maple syrup. Sigh. It doesn't matter if I've made delicious pancakes for the last 6 years. That's the story that gets told.

Mrs. B said...

Ohhhh! Its Eat-A-Thon time!!!

Mrs. McGoo said...

See Sharaze - that's the type of stuff I'm talking about, pure classic!!! I forgot to add water into a brownie mix once, and it was soo thick it broke my whisk that I was trying to stir the batter with... oops. I knew it didn't look right. ;)