Thursday, December 17, 2009

4 day weekend

I was off work today and will be again tomorrow... the plan was to take these two days off and travel to Kansas City this weekend... however when my Grandma's thyroid cancer took a turn and developed tumors in her brain, my hubby and I changed our annual Thanksgiving in Kentucky plans and went to Kansas City to spend time with our KC family, and definitely time with my Gma. Although we missed spending time with my hubby's fam, I am so glad we went to Kansas for Thanksgiving and were able to see everyone and spend some quality time with my awesome Grandmother.

Once we decided to head to KC for Thanksgiving, we figured we'd switch this planned long weekend travel to Kentucky, however my man's mom will not be there... she's flying south to Florida - - - so we've decided to enjoy these two days off anyway and stay here at home... it's a 4 day weekend, I'll get another next week. Today, I've enjoyed sleeping in til 9am, lunch out with my handsome husband, shopped a bit for a few gifts, wrapped presents, worked a bit on the remaining Christmas cards I have left, watched some TV, and vegged a bit. It's been a good day and we have another one to enjoy tomorrow even before the weekend is fully underway! Yay.

Now as I sip on some delicious coffee from the Lexington Coffee Times Coffee House, I've pulled off photos from my camera in hopes of making room for the numerous photos I'll capture over the next week. Here are a few of my favorites from the mix and some descriptions of the things going on within the photos or events taking place. enjoy....

I'm a little bummed at how few photos I took during our Thanksgiving KC trip... usually I have plenty to choose from, but the choices were sparse this go around. Nevertheless, here are a few...

This is my youngest sis... on our way to KC we stopped in Sikeston to visit Lambert's Cafe - Home of the Throwed Rolls! Kelsey is showing off the roll.

The T-shirt says it ALL... here is my favorite shot of Madison. Too cute!

She's getting so big - I remember when I could hold her with one arm.

My cuz, Lyndy and her youngest of 3 - Coleton. He's a cutie!!!

My company had our Christmas party last week on Friday and we had a fantastic time. It was a great opportunity to visit with each others' significant others and cut loose outside of the office. So thankful for stable and steady jobs with so many folks unemployed these days.

I try not to be too sappy too often on here, but I must say... my hubby is a hottie!

Mr. & Mrs. Jay Dawson - awwwww

The hot ladies sitting at our table: me, Laura, Jeni, and Shan

Since September I've been missing my Bunko Divas... I've had stuff come up every month so I've missed them... but this past Monday I was able to enjoy the game of bunko once again and get to visit with my fellow divas. Our Big Bunko wear this month was a leopard print SNUGGIE, only at Kali's ha ha. I have to share some shots from that also... I still cannot believe someone is making MILLIONS on adding sleeves to a blanket, or really turning a robe backwards.

It's so silly... but they are selling millions of them.

Did I mention that Candace got something crazy like 6 big bunko's that night?! What the heck?! I think she just wanted to keep the leopard print SNUGGIE - maybe I should share with her hubby, so Santa can drop one by her house next week.

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BMS said...

Yum--love Lambert's!!! We might need some of that next weekend on our way to St. Louis! Snuggie Bunko is a GREAT idea!!