Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Stupid List

So although I'm a list person by day and love checking things off a "list", and keep a day planner for all activities... I am not.... I repeat.... I am NOT a list person for Christmas. Seriously, I don't like it, I'm not good at it, and it's not fun. Call me crazy, but I never really know what to put on a list for Christmas. Sure, like anyone I see something at the store, on TV, or on the net and think, "ewww, I'd like one of those"... but the problem is, I can NEVER recall those items when it's time to make a list. So I don't like them. I usually do not make them.

Well this year, apparently I got a stray hair and I made a list BEFORE I was ever asked. Following our arrival home Sunday evening from Kansas City (more to come later about our trip there), I sat down and made a Christmas list. I hand wrote it on a notecard and gave it to my hubby following completion. To say he was shocked would be an understatement. I think he actual said when I handed it to him, "What's this?" and when I replied "My Christmas List", he responded with something of this nature, "YOU?! wrote a Christmas list.... Oh Wow... uh....". See, I don't usually make such lists.

So I tell you all of this to get to the main point here...

Yesterday (Tuesday), I sent out an email to the family regarding Kelly's Christmas list. I typed it up all nice and neat, shared with the family what he's mentioned as wants, what he's interested in, and even included what I've gotten him to help them coordinate accordingly. I send the email.

Following the email I get a reply from my hubby's dad.... "Where is your list?"

Considering all that I've told you about my actual dislike for Christmas lists, and the fact that I actually made one on my own without coxing this year... I was a little anxious and extra assertive to my father in law's inquiry.

Without thinking, I clicked reply and cc'd my hubby onto the following response, "Your son has it. Should be typing it up."

My intension was that my husband would see what his dad was still waiting on my list, and therefore he needed to get on the ball and send that out to those inquring about it. What I didn't think about was the email my father in law replied to and that I was sharing that info with my hubby considering I just CC'd him on the email!!!!

This reality did not hit me until minutes later when I received a gmail chat im from my man... his words:
have you looked at that email you forwarded to me

As soon as I read those words, I completely realized my mistake... Uh Oh.... I just gave my man a spelled out list of the items I was giving him for Christmas... GEEEZ LOUIZZZ... items I had worked hard to decide on and find... stupid stupid stupid.

So rather than blame this incident on my stupidity (the reality), I'm choosing to blame the reason my hubby now knows what he's getting for Christmas is because of STUPID CHRISTMAS LISTS.

Moral of the story... when working with surprises... slow down and THINK.


Mr. McGoo said...

Mrs. McGoo's lists = Mr. McGoo's day planner

Frank Bryant said...

That reminded me of my father's birthday a long time ago. I was probably 5 years old. For some reason, my mother let me in on what she bought him for his birthday. I was sitting on his lap and we were paging through a catalog. He pointed at the exact same transistor pocket radio my mother had bought him. I yelled to my mother "Hey Mom, Dad wants what you bought him!"

BTW - Love the new look of your blog.

Mr. McGoo said...

I can't believe UFrank remembers that far back....

Lloyd Wilson said...

Kelly, you should leave uFrank alone. Don't you know that senility starts with memory loss of recent events but enhanced memory of long ago events? Geez. ;-)

Lloyd Wilson said...

Heather, you should return all items on the list you forwarded to Kelly and give him a KU Snuggie instead. Or, just say you're going to!

Frank Bryant said...

I will remember you, Mr. McGoo.