Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Legend In My Own Mind

Well, it happened... Mr. McGoo has entered into the blog-o-sphere. He is now a blogger and has his blog up and running full steam ahead. Check it out:

I am actually very excited about this endeavor, even though I told him last night that I wasn't happy that he was blogging because I quote, "I was afraid he'd take all of my readership". I said that just for kicks. he he. In all actuality though, I am very excited about his blog for a few reasons. First, it's my man, and I support him - we're a team. Second, he's a good writer and it'll be good for him to utilize the blogging outlet. And thirdly, my hubby wrote BEFORE I came into the picture. He wrote often, actually, and those writings are partly how I got to know him when we first met. He had a myspace account back then and often posted his "journaling" on myspace. When we became friends, I was able to go back through those postings and read them all... read how he wrote, read how he thought about this or that, read about his walk with Christ as he jotted it on the "page"... it was awesome. For some reason though... after I came into the picture as a significant other, the writing stopped. I joked with him last night saying the reason for that was because he knew he'd write only about me now that I was in the picture, but of course that's silly. I don't know why he stopped writing...but as of Monday night, he has begun again. I can't wait to see what unfolds.

Add him to your blog reads: A Legend In My Own Mind is the title, and he already has three posts up. The first of which gives a good "here is what you can expect" description. I cannot and will not always endorse what he will say... because let's face the fact, he likes to wind people up sometimes, it's a gift, him being an instigator at times... but I can promise this... somehow, someway, you'll be entertained. I have been since the first day I met him.


Mr. McGoo said...

For some reason my blogpatrol isn't working well. I know I've had over a couple of hundred hits in these two days....yet it only shows 20

You can never find good help when you need it. Guess I'll just have to count in my head.

BMS said...

YAY! I love new blogs!