Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Real Meaning of Christmas

Today, as we enjoy Christmas Eve with anticipation of Christmas morning tomorrow, I want to take another moment to stop and think about the real meaning of Christmas. With the hustle and bustle of present buying and visiting one house to the next, I'm certain that often the true meaning gets pushed aside. My hope and goal for our family, is that we are able to stop and remember, stop and recognize, and stop to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. I think Linus from the Peanuts says it best in A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Listen and watch his speech below, and take notice of his blanket (security blanket) that he's known for possessing at all times... something neat happens during his speech regarding that blanket. Enjoy.

Did you catch what happened to his blanket? I was not aware of this until someone pointed it out for me yesterday, but think it's so cool... when Linus says "FEAR NOT" and begins to recite the words of the angels, he too is able to internalize those words from the Lord, "fear not, Linus!"... he then lets go of his security blanket, letting it fall to the ground and enjoys the freedom, security, and comfort of God throughout the rest of his speech. Very cool.

Merry Christmas!

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Kelly said...

This is my fave part of all Christmas movies. But I hadn't noticed the blanket part either - neat :) Have a sweet time with your family!