Monday, August 10, 2009

The Other Woman Arrives...

I can tell that Fall is around the corner, the school day for high schoolers, middle schoolers, and those elementary folks have begun again. The teachers are back to work, molding the minds of our youth and future. The streets are booming a bit more than they did during the summer months, mini vans moving to and fro to get their kiddos to their needed location before the bell rings. The clothes of summer are beginning to disappear from the shelves, and even though it's still 95 degrees or more outside, long sleeved shirts replace where tank tops once laid. Soccer is gearing up, and the dreaded pre-season for college athletes has arrived with a crash and a bang. Additionally, the college fall semester is also right around the corner. This is quickly apparent by the streets in our neighborhood (we live right next to the University) that are filled again with the many cars of the returned students.

And one more specific reality exists to remind me that fall is on the horizon... it's actually ANOTHER WOMAN in my husband's life. I know you might be quite surprised about this... how could I know about another woman and stand for it, right? And why would I write about such a thing on my blog??? Well... it helps that the other woman is actually NOT a woman at all, but rather what I call FANTASY FOOTBALL!

It has begun! I can't deny it... the other woman is back in my hubby's life, and I'm going to have to work to compete with her for his time throughout fall. Last night the reality of her arrival was thrown in my face... the first football game of the season (preseason) arrived on our television set... and the phone calls to discuss players, trades, and talk smack rang with frequency, while the emails began to fill my hubby's inbox. I hear the draft soon begins for both of my hubby's fantasy football leagues... oh the other woman has definitely arrived.
I'm so thankful that I am a woman that enjoys sports. I will enjoy the football on the television most of the time throughout fall. I'll enjoy the cooler weather that will come with the football overtime and the ability to curl up in my favorite sweatshirt and cuddle with my man while we watch men in tight pants tackle into each other with fervor. (he he) I love the competition and the adrenaline that pumps as your team is so close to taking the win home! I like football... however I know there will be time, (just like last year) when after the multiple games each evening airs night after night and my hubby spends phone call after phone call discussing this or that about fantasy football, that I'll say,
"I WANT MY HUBBY BACK! Can you leave the other woman for a bit and spend some time with your wife?"
And thankfully, just like last year when I get to that point, my amazing hubby will turn and look at me and say...
"One second..."
and after a few moments, the computer or phone will be put down, and I'll have some quality time with my man away from the other woman! Away from fantasy football.

Yup, it has begun. The other woman has arrived.


Mrs. B said...

haha @ "the other woman!"

Kelly said...

Yes, Elian is in 2 leagues, and I'm irritated already! He was back and forth with Kelly on the draft stuff for about 3 hrs on Sunday. But he was quick to point out football teams only play once a week, so it won't take up too much of his time to set his players each week... We'll see!

Mr. McGoo said...

The other woman doesn't make dinner nearly as good as you