Monday, September 13, 2010

Photos and Quick Thoughts

Thanks to a friend's talent behind the lens AND continued talent with photoshop, Mr. McGoo and I got a new shot to show off for awhile. These photos were taken at another friend's outdoor wedding outside of Nashville in May. I absolutely LOVE the one of my good looking man. Our friend captured my hubby's hotness in the shot below (esp the one by himself) and I can't get enough of that smirk.

In other news... I'm reminded tonight after some time in my online class orientation that good time management for the McGoo's over the next few months will be critical. Exam, papers, and other assignments will all be due before we know it... if we do not start now, we'll go crazy in a few weeks - - - especially with our upcoming travel schedule that begins this weekend when we embark to Lexington, KY to celebrate the wedding of Mr. McGoo's sister. It should be good fun and I hope beautiful weather. I know the bride will be a knock-out and they are having the festivities at a winery... in Kentucky, I can only imagine how picturesque that will be. Here's to hoping that I catch some good shots with my own camera lens, both of Mr. McGoo's family and also maybe one or two new ones of me and Mr. McGoo.


Rachael said...

those are great pics! hope y'all have a lovely time in KY this weekend!

Brittany @ GreyGreyDesigns said...

CUTE pics!!!