Monday, August 1, 2011

No More Common Man

The whole debt ceiling discussion simply continues to show the lack of efficiency and broken nature of our current government. No longer do we have common man/woman serving his/her constituents like this systems was created and intended to be.

Now we have career politicians with favors owed and others in their own pockets. No longer does anyone simply stand for what's right and necessary for our nation, but instead are constantly skewed by the need to "get re-elected", cover their tail, make those they owe happy, and get ahead.

We need term limits (like our President) in the House & Senate.
Until we have common man serving again, we will continue to have broken government.

Anyone willing and able to lead this charge?
2 terms in House and 2 terms in Senate Max = 16 years of service, then go back home


Frank Bryant said...

Wow! A political blog by Heather. I am impressed.

We keep hearing the Left say the Right needs to compromise. I think they have to an extent, however compromise is exactly what got us into this mess. When the Common Man compromises the priciples that sent him to Washington, he does stupid things like borrow money and spend like drunken sailors.

Those who scream that others aren't compromising are the ones who want to continue spending as they have been.

Nice blog.

Mr. McGoo said...

uFrank Sounds like a Tea Party activist. ;)

Couldn't agree more though

Rachael said...

totally agree!! I think tenure anywhere (politics, the university, etc.) is breeding ground for trouble.