Thursday, August 11, 2011

C4C - Making a Difference

The Forsaken Children are currently underway with their Chicks for Change campaign that is working to raise the funding needed to start up our partner project's chicken hatchery in Chencha, Ethiopia in 2012. It's an awesome campaign, reminding folks that every little bit can make a difference with the Lord's blessing and provision.

One way the campaign is focusing on making a difference with every little bit and working to get the entire family involved is by encouraging folks to start a Chicks for Change jar. Collecting your everyday pocket change in this jar until it's time to roll the coins up, deposit them into your account, and cut a check for The Forsaken Children's Chicks for Change fund.

Me with my C4C Jar
Mr. McGoo and I are particpating in this campaign. I have a Chicks for Change jar at home and at work. It has been fun and exciting to see how the funds have grown simply with pocket change.

The first time I rolled up the coins in our C4C jars, only counting the ones that could be rolled into the specifis amounts for deposit (i.e. $10 for quarters, $2 for nickels, $5 for dimes, and $.50 for pennies), we were able to donate $30.00!

Last night I rolled again and came up with another $69.50!

So our current Chicks for Change jar total looks like this:

Installment 1: $30.00
Installment 2: $69.50
Running C4C Total: $99.50

Whoo hooo! Cannot wait to see how this total continues to grow!

Join the Chicks for Change campaign - message me and I'll send you all the materials you need - a sticker to put on your change jar and literature to share with others what it's all about!

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