Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy Bday Author of Kee Creative!

Happy Birthday to my great and 
awesomely talented sister, Robin!

Sis, you're not even close to being aware of how talented you are! I'm thankful for you, as God has blessed me with a rock star family! It has been so cool to see how God has been specifically working in and through you over the last several years - constantly making you a better sister and wife! You're more than my sister, you're my friend!

Wishing you a fabulous birthday. Hate that I'm not close enough in geography to give you a big hug for your day, but am confident that your wonderful hubby will take good care of you!

Love you! Happy Birthday!

Ps. Folks, if you ever want some design inspiration, challenges, or are in the mood to read some witty narration, check out my sisters blog: . You will not be disappointed.

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Robin Kee said...

i love you, sister.